Young banker murdered outside her Johnson Road home this Monday morning…

Patrice Sawyer, 42.

NASSAU | A second female and this time a young banker has become the country’s latest homicide victim.

Patrice Sawyer, 42, was gunned down outside her home around 5am this morning on Johnson Road near the Jahovah’s  Witness complex.

According to relatives she was summoned  outside her home by a telephone call and when she exited the residence she was fired upon.

She was employed in the credit section of Commonwealth Bank at the Star Plaza on Mackey Street.

Who could have called her? Why was this young woman a target? Stay tuned BP will soon find out.

On Sunday evening a double homicide in the Rock Crusher community claimed the life of murder suspect Andrew Burrows aka MICE and his female friend. And only hours before that another male on bail for murder was gunned down on Sixth Street and Poincianna Ave.

We report yinner decide!