Teachers at Stephen Dillet Primary called in sick Friday to traffic students into San Salvador without the Ministry of Education’s APPROVAL! 


It was brought to our attention that the “buddy circus” left the capital without proper notice! 

Students and teachers on the unauthorized trip on the back of a bus.

NASSAU| A group of teachers on Friday left the capital for San Salvador this weekend with a group of students without any authorization from the Ministry of Education; BREAKING RULES GOVERNING THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION ACT! Do not take the people children out the school to showcase your own sinking organization. 

Bahamas Press knows teachers of the fifth and sixth grades at Stephen Dillet Primary called in sick on Friday, April 19th, 2024, in a bold attempt to organize a personal field trip into San Salvador. 

Now get this: The fifth Grade Teacher, Ms Taylor, is the ring leader organizing this garbage, pulling selected students out of the classroom to engage in her own money making FIELD TRIP EVENTS. 

Ms Naria Holbort, the acting principal of Albury Sayle Primary who wants to be sister of Ms Taylor, also called in sick on Friday to act as a facilitator behind the ring leader Ms Taylor. We understand Ms Taylor exercised a similar off campus trip into Washington, DC in past years,  removing children out of the classroom on her own expedition during instruction time and without Ministry of Education’s or the School’s approval.  Those institutions didn’t even have any knowledge of the activity! WHAT IS THIS?


Some parents have come to Bahamas Press to address the demands being placed on them, with a great number of students not being allowed to even join the trips or discarded (for whatever reason) and denied services to their education at a time of instructional learning! WHAT IS THIS?! The trip has nothing to do with the Ministry of Education and yet children are being herded along for the personal ambitions of one? WE MUST HAVE AN IMMEDIATE INVESTIGATION INTO THIS!

The Acting Principal is wrong and her desire to be a  sister is OUT OF CONTOL! School Field Trips must have approvals from the district education office and that decision stops with Mr Jermaine Butler! Neither Butler, we are made to understand, nor his office do not even know or have any clue that the students were taken out of school, much less extracted out of the capital! WHAT IS THIS?

What will education then say to parents or the Attorney General’s Office if, GOD FORBID, there is some mishap while this illegal trafficking event is taking place with students in the care of the Ministry of Education!  WHAT LAWLESSNESS IS DIS?

All field trips must be sanctioned by the Ministry of Education! And if BP knows this, how is it EDUCATORS DON’T!?! The rules clearly note that at NO TIME should a child be removed from the school’s grounds without the proper authorized permission! (District Education Office within the Ministry of Education). So how in the hell we got here? HOW?! This circus crew needs to be reprimanded IMMEDIATELY! 

Bahamas Press is calling on the powers that be in Education to stop this madness unfolding deep in the walls of the Stephen Dillet Primary School!

The excursion runs from April 19th, 2024 to April 21, 2024! Yinner better deal with this!

We report yinner decide!