Eric Carey is a lobbyist and not an environmentalist! WE HOLD THE PROOF OF HIS LOBBYING RECORD!


NASSAU| So Eric Carey is the new lobbyist aka hired gun down in Exuma to stop and block new investments lining up in the Bahamas. 

Armed with a litany of lies, mistruths, false narratives and tricks, Carey wants to spew fear and misrepresentations of the facts in the name of the environment. 

You recall how Carey sat at the helm of the Bahamas National Trust and, after his organization collected $1 million dollars from a donor, he had nothing to say as that investor got permission to dredge deep in the Land and Sea Park in the EXUMAS. At the time the Land and Sea Park was the first marine protected space to be established – not just in the Bahamas but in the entire Caribbean – THE FIRST! And yet, Carey, like the lobbyist he was then, said nothing to protect that environment.  

But that’s not all, you know. We wonder if Eric Carey remembers his silence about the pristine waters surrounding the beautiful island called Kamalame Cay

Carey’s BNT, while Bell Island was being dug up, welcomed an investor who, the Aficionado magazine wrote, boasting of his (the investor) “blending work, life, pleasure and everything in between” at Kamalame Cay

When that Kamalame Cay investor came along, the “lobbyist” {Carey} – who pretends to be an environmentalist – watched and saw and knew of the approvals (without proper impact studies) for the dredging destruction of some 150 feet of seabed at Kamalame Cay; all paid for with his silence. Yinner thinks he was paid for that? And we at Bahamas Press just wonder who could be paying Eric Carey right now? We know now – but we .. but just need to ask!

Carey is no Czar for the environment. He is simply a lobbyist. Whoever pays him to make noise, he screams their tune like a soprano to the top of his lungs; not having one thought about his duty to care for the progress, orderly development or protections around these islands. We know and have studied Carey and his cohorts well. 

Carey didn’t protect Exuma when he had the chance. And we know he is not interested in protecting its beauty now. 

Big plans, growth and safe, environmentally friendly developments are coming to people of the  EXUMAS as they are coming to islands across the Bahamas. And no lobbyist (especially the likes of Eric Carey) will be allowed by this writer to stop and block that growth. 

We report yinner decide!