Ten new Ford Explorers ordered for the top brass of the Police Force


Since we have all leaders in the country and media reading BP these days we hope they would read this report.

Bahamas Press has learnt the HIGH COMMAND of the Royal Bahamas Police Force has order ten [10] spanking new 2011 Ford Explorers for the top brass to ride. Now get this, senior law officers in 2010 were all fitted with 2010 vehicles. That was just one year ago.

With the skyrocketing crime problem and the fact that NOT ONE CAR patrol was on Bay Street during the robbery at John Bull on Sunday, wouldn’t it makes sense for the leaders at the RBPF to recognize the need to put more vehicles on the streets over pleasing themselves?

Bahamas Press
finds this wastage indeed appalling and disgusting! Twenty new streetcars could have been put on the road over this clear abuse of the purse! Why would the high command need a new car in 2011 when they were all given new vehicles in 2010? What justifies this?

Members of the Cabinet of the Bahamas have not had new cars since coming to office in 2007, so why the wastage on the Force?

Bahamas Press
advises Tommy ‘Jughead’ Turnquest to get it right, stop the madness and cap the wastage of limited tax dollars.



  1. There was a man that went around “CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS.”
    His main concern was that we needed to “BALANCE THE BUDGET,” may God rest his soul.
    His preaching still rings out close the FNM gathering ground at the Marathon Intersection & the High Way.
    Today I beg the high command of the Police Force to “BALANCE THE OFFICERS.”
    Example: the Political Boundary Commission tries to balance the number of voters per constituency. I feel it is only fair for us to “BALANCE” the number of Police officers per constituency in Nassau.
    If there are 2000 police officers to be divided into 28 constituencies in Nassau, put 71 officers to oversee each constituency, and you then have 23 officers per 24-hour shifts in each area DAY & NIGHT.
    Instead of building toilets on Parks that I have notice over the years is a waste of money in urban areas. Take that toilet money and build small 10’ feet x 10’ feet 24hour REMOTE Police Security Sites (or watch stations like the ones on Prince George Warf).
    Police officer don’t have to be in the “watch stations” every night, but their perceived presence will help. These “Mini Remote stations” can be placed every 400 to 800 yards apart, in the communities, or they can be custom made to move.
    We must then place a TOPBRASS Cops to oversee every constituency (we have enough of them). This system would also make officers more accountable and stop pointing fingers to one officer, the Police Commissioner is not Omnipresent, and what is happening is 50% of the officers are not doing their duties.
    The Police must realize that they have the authority to make a difference. I have proved this to be true.
    Example: one of my sons was acting the fool and two officers picked him up, (I stood hid bail) he was lucky after a year going back and forth in court that his former girl friend drops the charges. He said when the officer put those handcuff on his hands today he can still feel them. I would like to thank the Airport Police Station Officers for doing their job in arresting my son; today that young man had made an about-face in his attitude and actions, in fact he is giving advice to others, truly he is a changed young man.

  2. @ Dave,
    I don’t think people are slinging mud here. These are valid questions that must and should be answered. Why are 10 new cars being bought and at what cost? Thats the problem with this place. There is no accountability from anyone.

  3. Media,
    Just to advise you, that in 2008 ministers of the government did recieve new cars, remember the number of ministers went from about 16 to 20.

    • Agreed, but they didn’t receive new cars in 2009, 2010 and again in 2011. This is the pattern of the Police.


  4. Well our guess is that the new cars are needed to duck the public after a robbery such as the JB job.
    Not one except for poor pathetic Tommy was on Monday night prime time news to account to the public but they had all the force on Bay Monday standing around looking STUPID! Shameful!

    • After the fact. Man look, we have seen worse. A whole man was murdered on Bay Street and his accused killer walked! Murder UNSOLVED! Life GONE, WASTED! This town lacks leadership!



  5. Yellow journalism, as usual. Are the 2010 vehicles just being crushed? Somehow I doubt it. Likely they will be fitted out for patrol use or some other purpose. Why provide brand new vehicles in perfect condition only to get crashed/damaged/worn out in the line of duty? These top officers must attend functions and ceremonies etc. It just makes sense. I’m sure the money could have been used a bit more efficiently, but stop slinging mud without due cause.

    • “These top officers must attend functions and ceremonies etc. It just makes sense.”

      I agree… Nothing says efficiency and command better than picking up sweethearts and kids in a spanking new, officially marked SUV. Or speeding through traffic with sirens blaring, lights flashing to pick up the morning stew, or to drop “da chief” to his latest undercover appointment….

      And if they ever, ever get so much as a scratch or dent… well new one next year, chief can’t ride dat no mo’!!

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