The Employers Association and Mr. D’Aguilar have no fiscal plan for the country…


A letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

I could not help but watch the president of Superwash and spokesperson, if you will, for the Coalition against VAT, Dionisio D’Aguilar, speak at the Rotary Club of Nassau this week.

He shared how his group believes government is spending too much and is giving out too little information on what it is doing with revenue.

I believe, while we all can know more about how our money is spent, the issue at hand is the state of the country’s finances and the need to overhaul the tax system to minimize tax cheats and those who get away without paying their fair share.

Interestingly, the consultants hired by the Coalition have agreed that the model of VAT is indeed the way to go. What Mr. D’Aguilar and others opposed to the plan are offering is the promised “Other Plan” they were formulating to save the nation? But where is it? Are we to wait forever on one while the country’s finances drag on into deeper debt?

And how can anyone call for transparency when they fail to be transparent themselves?! Give us the report shared by the advisers in the Coalition for better taxation; follow the government and publish that report online!

I believe governments are elected to lead, and do what must be done. What Mr. D’Augiliar should do is perhaps join the campaign in 2017 – but then again – he still has yet to tell us what his plans are.

Ethel Simmons