The new way the dead is now being interred in the Bahamas


The Valley Boys had the support of all the junkanoo groups as they lay their head marshall to rest. One must ask is this a funeral or junkanoo parade or both. Even us who believes their is a time and place for junkanoo fun found ourselves tapping our feet. Ahhh Lord, soon you would hear of the body rushing in and out of the church with those gather holding Kalik beer bottles in hand. Scriptures says, as a man live, SO SHALL HE DIE! Amen…

Saxons make their way toward Woodlawn Gardens Cemetary as they bury one of their own, Adrian Moss.


  1. I do support the junkanooers like I once was taking part in a good rush out to the grave site.
    I will not support or attend anyone service who takes their own life.
    I believe that there is always hope.

  2. Man I have mixed emotions on this. Junkanoos get a little too rowdy at funerals. In fact I had to move a reveler off the front steps of St. Francis Cathedral once as they were bringing out the body and he was horse backing a Guiness before the rush out to the grave yard.

    But now if you big in Junkanoo, your “rushing mates” want to put you down in grand junkanoo style.

    I have an observation though. This is the second lead marshall the Valley Boys have buried in two years and under the cloud of suicide. What’s going on in our country?

  3. This is indeed a ‘beautiful thing’. In many cultures this is regarded as respect and a joyous celebration as the loved one ‘cross over Jordan’.
    I say ‘rush out’ and R.I.P.

  4. BP I’m listerning to Rev T.G Morrison on TV 13 he has a good sermon on, food for thought.

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