Hubert Ingraham: "If you are called upon…to retire, YOU SHALL RETIRE!"



  1. At least you had some trust, BP. Mine was gone from the onset. This Mugabe style Ingraham MUST GO !!

  2. Russell Johnson Wrote
    The taxpayers of the Bahamasw were made to foot a bill of close to $500,000 to school Commissioners Greenslade and Dames last year.The story given at the time was to expose them to how the Canadians dealt with matters involving Govt officials.So what happen?nothing.We cannot decide who is best to do Police investigationsbased on politics.The Bahamian people were shammed now we demand our money back.Forced retiree ACP Cartwright would know how to deal with a matter like this along with some of the others stationed in Nassau but who were also forced to retire.Too much talk and no action.Shame on you PM and your Cabinet.Our Trust is just about gone.

  3. Man I going to bed now ….. the picture of these three men will surely give me nightmares.

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