Carl Bethel and Lionel Sands MUST RESIGN!!!!


art2-b-copy<<< Carl Bethel/ Minister of Education.

Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahamas: Bahamas Press cannot and will not rest until Carl Bethel along with his Director of Education Lionel Sands have both resign from their positions at the Ministry of Education for failing to protect the Children of the Bahamas from PEDOPHILE RAPISTS IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

We’ve learned that Berbile, the art teacher who was stationed at the Eight Mile Rock High school, and who molested minors at that school, has gotten away with his crimes thanks to the Minister and his director. Berbile was spotted in Miami over the past weekend. Even after two boys – who once attended the school – reported the matter to police. The pedophile educator has yet to be arrested and has now fled the country!

Again we ask, who is protecting the CHILDREN OF THE BAHAMAS when teachers can rape little boys for 8 years along with his male sissy friends on Grand Bahama and nothing is done! An investigation carried out by Bahamas Press confirms that a senior police officer and a senior education officer also took part is Berbile’s CRIMES whilst here in the Bahamas!

Talking with one of the victim’s and his parents on this matter, he pointed to another SENIOR EDUCATOR on the island within the ministry, who frequented Berbile’s resident whilst he worked his ‘VICKED’ AFTER SCHOOL programme on minors from the school’s community.

PTA president at the school Leroy Garvey, held a press conference on Friday and confirmed that the teacher was seen changing funds in Miami. Meanwhile education officials still remain tight-lipped over the art teaher’s CRIMES OF PEDOPHILIA!

Not one thing has been dealt with appropriately by the Ministry from the issues at Eight Mile Rock High School started,” Garvey said. “I do not know what avenue the Ministry has taken in order to combat the situation with the teacher, but they may have a different way of doing their investigation.

“It is a sad thing to know that our children do not know if they are protected in the schools,” he said.

Garvey noted that the ministry of Education is sending the wrong message and agreed that both the minister Carl Bethel and Lionel Sands should resign.

“We just want to know where the teacher is, his position with the Ministry and what the law intends to do?” Garvey said.

On last year the now 18 year-old son of Carl Bethel raped a 13 year old minor on the grounds of the once prestigious Queen’s College. Nothing was done to investigate that incident either. The WUTLESS media appears to have buried the CRIME from their pages! Along with the Principal at the school. At the time Bahamas Press questioned the minister’s ability to police rape incidents on school campuses around the country, as he did nothing to see that justice was done in that incident.

Carl Bethel and Lionel Sands must now do the honourable thing and RESIGN forthwith!


  1. Ann I remember that incident. That was horrible. I agree with you that some policies should be put in place. And, I feel the government needs to start registering sex offenders, like our friends in the U.S., so that we will know to keep our children safe.

  2. What we need to do,is start to name these PEDOHILES and stop just saying a government official or senior police office.Once there is evidence and I mean strong evidence call the BEAST by name.

  3. Great music video BP!! I looks like something that should be ran on ZNS, Cable 12 and JCN. We need to get the message out to rusty fellas with no morals. If things that bad, you could get a easy gal for $50 rather than fooling with a minor and spend 50 years in jail.

    Good job.

  4. Dear Anne because nothing was done to mr.Mcdonald in 1974 does it means that nothing can or should be done to pedohiles today,2009 ?

  5. Back in 1974 (or thereabouts) when Mr. McDonald (McDonald’s Pre-School – Bernard Road) did this very same thing to more than 10 babies (2 – 5) No one resigned – and when his record was checked it was revealed that he was a pedophile – yet the Ministry of Education under the government of that day had given him a license to run a PRE-SCHOOL of his OWN in this country.

    Maybe in stead of calling for resignations we need to set regulations for proper background checks and screenings before hiring ANYONE in our schools etc. And maybe when children talk to their parents and tell them that the teacher, preacher, stranger etc. “touched them” we as parents need to listen.

    Seems to me that there’s more than enough blame to spread around – but what needs to happen is policies need to be put in place to ensure it doesn’t happen anymore!!

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