The Valley Boys have not held an AGM in 10 years! Where is the accountability?!


BP warned months ago to proceed with legal action against UNACCOUNTABLE LEADERS IN THE VALLEY BOYS!

NASSAU| Subterfuge is to confuse and redirect real issues with unimportant issues. Thus was the case of our recent Valley Boy Meeting.

Our “Chairman” was first pressured to have a General Meeting which he came to finally most unprepared to report the normal particulars for an AGM. The Valley Boys have not held an AGM for the last 10 years or a fair election. Our fascist styled chairman and certain members of the management team have not held even in their selection format a selection in years. Those Management members who have spoken out are encouraged to continue to do so.

It was absolutely mind boggling that the Chair did not have a financial report for at least the last year 2022-23 offering as he termed it, a “snap shot” of particulars. This was a cruel joke.

Additionally, alike the past the treasurer is unavailable. I think in his mumbo jumbo the Chairman said the treasure had a family emergency. Factually, the Treasurer was attending a social which was reported on Love 97 on Monday morning by Christian Jones who thanked the treasurer and another management team member for hosting a party in his honor. Yes it was reported live during “Issues of the Day”.

Nevertheless, the Chairman could have received the report and have it for submission to the group. But to subterfuge he wishes to talk about the comings & goings and the one thing that pisses valley boys off, the JCNP and his imagined anti Valley Boy conspirators.

What the Chairman ought to have done was to advise the group of the instructing recommendations of our founding advisors, one in which was Reverend Thompson.

You see Valley Boys the Chair went seeking apathy from Rev. T who did not quite advise to the Chairs liking. If you missed it, it was reported from the floor that Rev. T instructed the chair to come back to the Advisory Council with a format for a general election in two weeks with all Valley Boys voting of their choice and “indifferent” to the nepotist, undemocratic selection process used in the past.

The “Way Forward Group” a group of Valley Boy purists agreed to suspend legal action in view that a fair format would be negotiated on your behalf as instructed by Rev. Thompson. The two week timeline is up. The Chair was to meet with the Way Forward Rep. (Herbie Bain) and this did not non-circumstance happen. As the young people say – ” the chair thinks this is a game”.

So on Monday we will report to Rev. Thompson that his instructions were not adhered to. You would have and heard from the floor and out of the Chairman’s mouth at the meeting Saturday past that he does not think there needs to be an election. I was dumbfounded and convinced that they “own this group”.

So Valley Boys, you can stand as so many of you did or fold up and suffer the consequence. The legal action will proceed.