Theophilus Thompson is the latest homicide victim on Montrose Ave. Saturday…


Another Bahamian fatally gunned down on the streets in cold blood….

58-year-old Theophilus Thompson

Nassau, Bahamas — Reports coming into Bahamas Press has confirmed 58-year-old Theophilus Thompson is indeed the victim in that shooting which took place on Saturday on Montrose Ave.

Reports came sometime just after 2 pm that a man had been shot multiple times while driving in his car.

We understand the victim was in his silver Nissan Skyline #262157 registered to Theophilus Thompson.

Thompson collided into a wall after receiving multiple gunshots in his upper body.

EMS services arrived at the scene where he was pronounced dead.

Bahamas Press wonders if anyone in the WUTLESS MEDIA will dig deep and take up the challenge and inform the public about the details in this investigation – or will it take another BP forensic team to unravel the details and bring them to you?

We report yinner decide!