Thieves and Rogues at NIB Part 6 – NIB refuses payment to sick patients



Nassau, Bahamas — They believed they could just squander the people’s money and get away with it. They all thought spending money on themselves and for their friends would go unnoticed. They must think we’re stupid. Well, your Bahamas Press caught them in the act, and we are not stopping just yet.

The Prime Minister we know has cancelled NIB’s lavish executive trip to the Abacos as he has commenced his own probing into the Board’s spending splurge.

Bahamas Press has learned this decision is not going down well with executives who to this day still have their bags packed with the thought of the Abaco Club at Winding Bay dancing in their heads.

NIB’s Director Algernon Cargill we know had already ordered his fiveday supply of expensive Fiji water. The special supply retails in Nassau for $3.85 per 8oz bottle. Gee, He could have purchased a 5 gal bottle of Chelsea’s Choice or Bahama Clear for that price.

However, we have another SHOCKING REVELATION coming out of the National Insurance Board. We told you of the Board’s ‘Vickedrejection to approve benefits entitled to citizens who are now leaning on NIB for their survival. We told you how hundreds of claims have racked up in the REJECTION/DECLINED box at NIB while Cargill and the Board< /span> issue and spend money on themselves and their cronies like its going out of style.

Bahamas Press has attained a copy of such communication between the Boca Neurology medical facility and NIB. The document confirms NIB’s refusal to pay the facility for medical services delivered to a patient, Patrick Moss, who has incurred medical challenges.

Moss had been a patient of Dr. Harold C. Friend MD at the facility since September 2nd this year. We’ve learned in an agreement with NIB, Friend carried out medical services on Moss but has yet to be compensated by National Insurance.

In a letter Dated December 3rd, 2009, Dr. Friend wrote NIB the following letter:

NIB- Letter

Moss we know will not be welcomed at the facility unless he comes up with cash payments for his medical visits.

Bahamas Press cannot imagine the untold level of stress this is now taking on a man already ill. We ask again, how can NIB find the time and the money to sign thousands of dollars worth in contracts to the Buffed Roommate of Cabinet Minister Kenneth Russell. Find thousand of dollars to pay mobilization fees to an FNM crony Porky Dorsett who we discovered owed National Insurance. Pay Charlton Morley from A-1 Security more than $24,000 per month to put one security officer at the gate for 12 hours at the abandon Buena Vista property. And pay Jeffery Lloyd $7,000 per session for 23 sessions, yet, it cannot find money to pay sick benefits for its clients the people< /span> of the Bahamas?

We demand a public commission to investigate the SCANDALOUS OPERATIONS at NIB. INCLUDING THE CONTRACTS TO KENUTH KNOWLES, PORKY DORSETT, IRAM LEWIS, CHARLTON MORLEY AND JEFFERY LLOYD , just to name a few. We call for this Commission to possess powers to prosecute; to send for people and papers to sit from place to place and stop the hemorrhage of funds at the nation’s social security institute.

As we said before, Cargill seems to possess the pernicious greed to splurging public funds for his own gluttonous desires of fun and frolic and to delight the deep pockets of strange acquaintances, whilst the poor and desperate cannot get payments on their legitimate benefits.

Bahamas Press probe into NIB will continue.


  1. well Sands girl there are always twoparts to very story.  I had a friend who was taking therapy in the US but he was doing well and the Board was paying for everything for him.  When he came to Nassau he was out partying and all about the place and when he go to an event he all brace down.  The other day he was down at NIB carrying on ridiculous.  Because he wanted more treatment.  So when you see it like that they are waiting for a full medica report and then they will seek other advice.  They have restitution you now I understand they have a nmedical appeal board so wait and see dont talk to quick .  We bahamians does abuse things am sure the doctor will be pid because he will be in the network or service providers.

    • We want you to know Diamond we agree with your point of view, however, we also wonder why they will hold back payments to claims and not hold back the squander of public money to cronies?

      We have more to come and listen they don’t have to answer, just watch us and they will see the pipe burst soon at NIB.

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  2. When BP first started exposing what was going on behind the walls of NIB there were reps on here trying to do major damage control, which I didn’t have a problem with, because I wanted to hear all side of the story before forming an opinion, I am still waiting for them to convince me that these stories that are being produced one after the other has no merits to them. It would be good to hear from a reps now pertaining to this latest allegation and their explanation as to why these types of things might be happening at NIB. This is no time to disappear into the sunset, because these are some serious allegations being thrown around here. Now with that aside, I just want to say, I don’t know Mr. Patrick Moss, but as Bahamians, I think we should try to stand up for one another especially in difficult times. Today it’s Mr. Moss; tomorrow it might just well be me or a member of my family or a friend it happens to. The fact that Mr. Moss had to travel to a Neurologist in Boca Raton, Florida, one would think that alone might have been very stressful on him. Now if what is indicated in the copy of this letter is the truth, I feel NIB needs to pay this bill off right away and they owe Mr. Moss a major apology, because they did not handle him good at all. What I am trying to get is why would they not pay for his medical expense after agreeing to do so? If they are planning on paying for it and have not yet done so, what is the reason for the long delay? Please NIB have some conscience and realize that when people are sick, that alone is stressful on them, so please do not make it any worst by adding additional stress to them. If you find that all the necessary requirements have been met and their claims are legitimate, try to make the process as smooth sailing as possible for the sick people and stop trying to rake them over the coal before paying their claims. I mean, you all sound so kind and considerate and like you enjoy looking out for people when you are encouraging people to make their contributions, but when it’s time to pay claims that’s a whole different story. I just don’t get it.

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