Thirty year-old Garvin Hall is the country’s 21st traffic fatality victim


Garvin Hall traffic Fatality victim #21.

Nassau, Bahamas — Police in Nassau have identified the country’s 21st traffic fatality victim as, Garvin Hall.

Hall was driving on the John F. Kennedy Drive at about 4 a.m. Monday Morning, when he lost control of his red Honda and collided with a tree.

Hall was pronounced dead on the scene.

Not knowing only hours remained with him on earth, Hall wrote to his facebook friend the following comment at 1:55am Sunday morning:  So I am really over going out fa real. Pillow and mattress I missed you…

Garvin Hall dead at age 30



  1. Whatever he was doing between him an GOD. He who is without sin cast the first stone! RIP Garvin you knew we loved you and you will be missed. Family I am praying for you

  2. So sad how ppl glory in others death.Trashy you need to change your name to ‘Attention Seeker’
    It is obvious you have nothing to do. Dial 1-800-I need a job!

  3. May Garvin’s soul rest in peace and may the Lord strengthen his family during this time. Knowing Garvin from a child, he was always full of life and cheerful. Garvin had grown into such a fine, smart, decent and most of all respectful young man. His personality lit up a room. He always greeted me with a smile and a hug. I am not the judge of his death but he was an awesome fella and his qualities spoke for him. His death is just a sad trajic one,so let us all be respectful and give the family especially his mom time to mourn. No need to argue and fuss, just prayers please. Thanks!

  4. I get the impression that these young ladies are doing their endeavour best to sugar-coat this mess. If this were an out-house they would be trying to convince the Bahamian ppl that its a flower shop.

    Driving while under-the-influence is not a trivial matter. For some reason I don’t think youll understand that.

    That is the problem with our society and the reason why we have so many murders, we have too many ppl turning a blind eye to and excusing FOOLISHNESS. I advise you ladies to turn to the Lord and stop cursing around the place.

    Maybe you should be mad at the person(s), both men and women, who failed to take his keys. Talk That.

  5. May his soul Rest In Peace and may his family be comforted by his wonderful memories, don’t say hurtful things about person whether you know them or not. GOD is the jugde and jury, we are’nt to the rest of his family be patient don’t comment on negativity, place your hands in the hands of the man that calmed the seas……………

  6. It doesn’t seem like you know what it is to lose a love one close enough to you for you to understand, how they died, being if they killed themselves or was murdered, it does not matter; the fact that they are gone does.

  7. Do you really think these are the kind of things the family wants to see during this time in their lives…These people are GRIEVING! Does that even matter to you? We know the consequences of what drinking and driving are you don’t have to school us, but for you to come on here with all kind of personal business of the deceased like you know him WELL is just ridiculous to me. I life was lost, and you don’t seem to get how difficult it maybe for his family right now. Have heart, no have respect.

  8. Unfortunately Crystal, when you put yourself behind the wheel of a car in a f…ked up state, it becomes everybody’s business, specifically other drivers.

    Regretably the young man died, but from the text he sent his girl, it was obvious that he was the kind of person who ‘loved’ himself on the weekend.

    I might also add that I do not like your tone of voice. People like you are the reason crime is so high because you can only see far as your nose.

  9. I am Garvin’s cousin. He is aged 30 years old. Please whoever you are don’t go around talking what you don’t know unless your name is MR. CORONER or PARAMEDIC! It astounds me how stupid and foolish ppl can be just posting what they think happen in a situation they have NO INFORMATION for!!! Don’t ASSUME because only ASSes do. Regardless of what caused the accident it doesnt change the OUTCOME! And for his family members to have to go on BAHAMA PRESS and read some of the outrageous things you people are saying is beyond me. Things happen….we are not sure of why it did but it did. You people are so OUT OF PLACE and AUDACIOUS to even be opening your flipping mouths. But sad to say thats Bahamian people, always have something negative to say about somebody who they don’t even know instead of minding their own BUSINESS and just being positive. Garvin lived a good and full life and was loved by many. TALK THAT!

  10. The way some people drive on our streets, at seems they are running late for an appointment in hell.

    Some women are really bad drivers, but they are so smart they seems to find a way to out smart and cheat death on our road.

    • How in the Hell can someone cheat or outsmart death?

      i would run on tonight but Lord know’s Garvin would not approve…….

      stupid idiot! this is no time for your lecture on driving habits of human beings……..share a memory or get the frig lost!

    • You seem to be an idiot.
      It’s my assumption that only an idiot would bring his/her backside under this post with a lecture. Some of ya’ll just don’t think man! Just wan comment and be apart of everything. Shut up. No one asked/or need your comment. It’s irrelevant.
      K bye

  11. Garvin turned 30 in February. He was a pretty great guy to know. My prayers are with his family and friends.

    As for whether or not he was drunk that is irrelevant. I find it ‘trashy’ that someone is quick to blame and say that he should not be driving based on rumors they heard from people who apparently saw that he was drunk and still let him get in the car and drive. Whatever the reason he was a wonderful person who died too soon and will be missed.

  12. I was caught off guard by his age as well, he certainly did not look 39.

    However, based on the storey I understand he was partying all night-long, and tried to drive himself home in a pizzy pzzie drunk state.

    As Bahamians we have ample evidence of the perils and dangers of driving drunk along JFK. They don’t call that road the grim-reaper for nothing.

    This storey brings to mind the death of two fellas who were hauling ass coming from the Corner Motel, Carmichael Rd in the wee-mornings hrs. I understand they had that car talking, and eventually singing, ‘bye and bye Lord’. I wonder what song this fella car singing.

    When will our boys learn that you cannot call yourself sober after drinking, gin, bacardi, anejo, kalik and guinness all f..kin night and into the the early morn.


    • Shut the **** up. Were you in the car or at the party or where ever where he was during or prior the collision? Are you the coroner? Did you perform the autopsy? Are you one of the investigators? NO so shut ******* up. You only upsetting this man family with your ****** accusations.

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