Rodney ‘Da Hammer’ Moncur has been rejected as a candidate for the DNA

DNA leader Branville McCartney and Rodney Moncur at the DNA's Grill and Chill on Arawak Cay May 21st.

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News now coming into our newsroom from the DNA! Rodney ‘Da Hammer’ Moncur has been rejected as a candidate for the Democratic National Alliance. BP can confirm ‘Da Hammer’ was informed of the Party’s decision and has since been absent from the breakfast table at McDonalds.

Drag Queen and male-strippers are being elected to Party office, however,  an activist for over 30 years will not become a standard bearer for the DNA? Hmmmmmm!

In the photo above, political activist, Rodney Moncur, delivers forty one dollars in cash to Democratic National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney, on behalf of Teacher’s Union President Belinda Wilson.

The event took place on Saturday the 21st May 2011, as the DNA’s held a steak-out & fair at Arawak Cay.

As Mrs. Wilson stopped to donate the funds she told Moncur that she wanted him to personally deliver it to Mr. McCartney. She said, “Moncur tell Mr. McCartney that I have blessed this forty one dollars and that I want you to give this to him personally.”

Sources high up in the apparatchik of the Party tell us, Moncur is not the kind of candidate they are looking for. A source was recorded as saying, “We cannot have anyone who is a loose cannon attacking animal rights activists on the public stage and at the same time find an obsession to hang persons. This is why our leader will not and cannot join the march to hang persons convicted of murder. This is not the image the Party seeks to present.”

BP believes the DNA is disconnected from grassroots support; a support base Moncur has galvanized politically these 30 plus years as a political activist.

Readers would remember Moncur disbanded his Worker’s Party after 35 years as leader to join the DNA. No word has come as to any future direction of ‘Da Hammer’.

The DNA also rejected former MP for South Andros, J. Whitney Bastian and political newcomer Derek Ryan.

Moncur was cleared by SIB and appointed a Justice of the Peace by the Governor General of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas! The appointment proves Moncur has no impediments or records that will cast him as someone unworthy to hold such high lofty public office. If the State had nothing against Moncur, what is it DNA leadership could have held against him?


  1. DON’t bring the plp into this rejection mess,@find another route@ Rodney Moncur was good enough to walk and talk and support the fmn and now the dna. He never ever supported the plp. So what is there for the plp to recognize in him. Stay on point with the fact that he was bustibg his ass for the dna for nothing. ALREADY LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WE HAVE APOLOGISTS FOR THE DNA.”Whatever”.

  2. Bahamians are really a funny set of people. Mr. Moncur has his quirky ways and can be a bit theatrical at times. But truth be told he says a lot of things many politicians aren’t willing to say. Besides with the jackals we have in the house now I can’t see the harm in running him.

    What is a suitable candidate anyway? The clowns in parliament now are no better than Mr.Moncur and people need to wake up and stop being roped into this status and class game. Sometimes I think its better that people like Moncur stay outside the house to say the things that need to be said. When you join these parties your gagged and must tow the party line. So don’t feel down or out Mr. Moncur. Just continue to fight for Bahamians outside of parliament. History will remember you for who you are. The strongest leaders are social leaders.

    • PICK ME, PICK ME all jokers,Bran wanna be like papa man, he wants people he could control. I started to take the DNA serious when Rodney came on board but I see they aint ready for nothin. I believe he would have won a seat for them.

    • What does Cat Island has to do with this situation. Come on lets stick to the main issue rather than being typical. PLEASE!

      • Dora we are advised both the FNM and The DNA = Free National Alliance, have paid agents who come on here to deflect the arguments. One crew does come on to blame Christie for the state Hubert put us in, and another crew comes and blame the PLP for the failures of the FNM and say vote DNA. Boy I tell ya. We know them all though.


  3. That’s an “easy one,” Rodney da hamma Moncur is pro Haitian.Remember “free my people” in the great debate during the Lizzy BUY election.

  4. The old people always say “the grass always seems greener on the other side” and “everything that glitter is not gold”. Rodney should have known better.

    • I mean Moncur fold up his tent all to get fooled. I remember him cussing members of the NDP for joining the PLP on ZNS. Saying they have no backbone and stick-ability. Right after that he disbanded the Worker’s Party. Now look, they gat him holding on thread!



  5. Rodney got swing! lol the Bible teaches us “old men i call you to lead cause you have vision, young men i call you cause you have strength..Bran respect the bible and Rodney i wonder how much of $25million the DNA claims to have did they paid you to let go your party?

  6. Follow the money and you will know the cause. If the DNA wants to have a chance they need the small man vote better yet the poor man vote. Those who keep electing the plp in the over the hill areas and they dont have no one who can relate to them. If they believe just having a few business people and successful folks who live in posh houses can get votes let them try. The times have change and people want someone who can represent their interest and by rejecting Moncur any chance they had of getting any over the hill votes are ZERO. Better put someone there who can relate to the people or like Felix Bethel use to say “KYA”.

  7. Mr.Moncur knows than he has been the lone voice crying in this wilderness of the Bahamas, where the status quo has been to abuse our economical and social for years. I would not have joined these young know it all punks. They should have joined him who have the experience and integrity that lot of them do not posses.

  8. I would say this is the first time on my records Mr. Moncur, has been openly rejected.
    What is more hurtful is this…
    “…The DNA doesn’t know who they are rejecting.”
    They should know by now, that there are some serious repercussions; Rodney stands up to fearlessly oppose the PM or the Opposition Leader decisions publicly.

    What you think Mr. Moncur will do to a wonderful “Cinderella Political Team,” that seems promising as a Fairytale, with a Candidate considers a “Gentlemen without gender?”

    My predictions are: The Hammer, would transform into a “Crowbar,” and we all know the damage a crowbar can do to a wooden structure.

  9. BP if I can remember correctly before the Freeport Launch of the DNA you posted a similar Post about who was rejected from the DNA and Mr. Moncur was included along with some other men, none of whom were ever even considered for the DNA, none of whom ever even applied to become a member of the DNA! This site has become synonymous with Propaganda has I’m sure has lost alot of its following as a result. People are no longer interested in this mess man. Unless Mr. Moncur has publicly said he was rejected by the DNA and/or the Party makes an official statement saying so, then you really need to stop saying and posting this foolishness. Also if yall are so STUCK on Mr. Moncur, since he’s so important to society and has such a huge grassroot following, why didn’t the PLP or FNM recognize this, especially after his 30 years of experience and give him a nomination?!! Why is it about the DNA rejecting him?? If you ask me, him not being recognized by the 2 major parties and getting a nomination is worse! Post serious issues, things to advance the country, not propaganda! Grow up and actually be a site that benefits the country!

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