Threats in the Treasury Building – WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?


Defence Force Officer almost had to draw his weapon as contractors failed to comply with his requests….Police had to be called!

The Treasury Building on East Street Hill North

Nassau, Bahamas – More security must be assigned to the Treasury Building on East Street North after threats of death began to fly as hungry government contractors stormed the building for their cheques.

A three-day system shutdown at the Treasury Department delayed the collection of cheques by contractors.

Scores of contractors stormed the building after cheques began to issue and what started as a peaceful wait almost ended in a defence force officer drawing his weapon.

BP was live in the building when the incident unfolded when a big-time PLP was told, along with other contractors, to kindly remove themselves from the window so the government treasury workers could begin disbursing cheques.

But as the soft-spoken defense force officer attempted to bring order to the building, the big time PLP warned him, telling him, “Who you think you talking to? You don’t know who I is, eh?”

Just like some illegal migrants – NOT A SOUL MOVED FROM THE WINDOW – as if they were prepared to hold up the treasury office and take all the cheques inside… WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS?

BP begin heading for the door as the defence force officer begin clutching his weapon. Nobody was moving. Before we know it, someone shouted, “You want feel bullets, eh?”

BP was already fitted with a full body bulletproof vest. We were not taking any chances.

Minute later police were called to the building and the two men [THE BIG TIME PLP CONTRACTOR and the DEFENCE FORCE OFFICER] were being questioned outside the building over the death threats claims.

The BIGTIME PLP had called his backup police patrol to put in check the Defense Force officer.??? Who was only doing his job!

What in da hell is dis?

All BP is saying is this: Someone needs to make sure security with real manpower is stationed at the treasury building because it looks as if some people have no respect or regard for the men and women in uniform stationed there! And something gats to be wrong with dat!

We report yinner decide!