Two police officers were beaten last night on Bimini – Force needs serious attention on that island!


Bimini needs more police!

Bimini Bahamas

Bimini, Bahamas — A police officer on Bimini had to be airlifted after he and another officer was almost beaten to death outside a local club on that island.

BP teams confirm last evening a fight, which ended with a police officer being cut in the upper body, didn’t go well at a nightclub.

Sources tell us the incident, which went downhill quickly, left a police officer being airlifted to the capital this morning for further medical attention.

From the looks of things, BP advises the authorities that all is not well on the island, and, before we end up with another fire and government property destroyed, a quick and swift change and reinforcement with the needed compliment of officers is indeed necessary!

We report yinner decide!