What is the damage to the public Woods Rodgers Dock Saturday by the Disney Cruise Vessel?


Photos of the Disney’s damaged stern.

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press is tracking the incident where a Disney cruise ship hit backed into the pier Saturday at the Woods Rodgers Dock.

Disney Dream hit the dock after arriving into Nassau. Photos were posted on social media and show a dent above the water line on the ship’s stern. It is still unknown at this time what caused the ship to hit the pier. One passenger onboard had posted that it was foggy this morning in Nassau.

Damage to the ship appears minimal and the hull was not punctured. The Inquistir is reporting that the ship’s schedule will not be affected by the damage to the ship. Disney Dream is currently on a three night cruise out of Port Canaveral with port stops in Nassau and on the cruise line’s private island Castaway Cay.

Not one word of the incident has been reported in the WUTLESS MEDIA of the Bahamas. Perhaps they will follow-up after this report. And when they do we want them to ask; Was any damage done to the dock?

We report yinner decide!

CAPTION: Photos of the damaged stern.