An American woman has been found murdered in bushes in North Cat Island


Country’s records its 107th homicide this morning on Cat Island…

American woman has been found dead in bushes in North Cat Island.

Cat Island – Police on Cat Island have now found the lifeless body of missing American, Janice Mildred Kissinger.

Police has discovered the remains on the elderly woman this morning in bushes in North Cat Island.

Detectives dispatched to the island today are questioning three suspects at this hour believed to be responsible for her death.

A murder investigation has since opened. Kissinger’s vehicle was found charred on the island. Kissinger last seen about 3:30 pm on Friday 29th September 2017, at Shanna’s Cove Resort in North Cat Island. The victim’s death records the 107th murder in the country and is the second in just hours apart.

Meanwhile the Minister of National Security is on a course in Europe.

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