What will leasing the Town Centre Mall cost taxpayers versus building our own new Postal Complex? Didn’t we find $65 Million for a hotel, which cannot open?


Town Centre Mall to be site of New General Post Office.

Nassau – Now that the public is learning how the Minister for Investments, Brent Symonette, will turn his failing Town Centre Mall operations into a profit at the public expense, we wonder what due-diligence was done to achieve this move of the General Post Office.

And so we ask:

Who advanced this proposal to the Bahamas Government?

Did Brent Symonette recuse himself in Cabinet during the vote to have his building leased by the Government?

Was there a structural engineering report done and received on the Town Center Mall?

We know some $12 per square footage will be the amount charged in this lease – what is the total square footage being proposed for the building?

As we often tell Bahamians, just don’t sit down and take it. ASK QUESTIONS! This yinner money too!

We report yinner decide!