Senior Immigration Office unanimously found to have acted in self-defense against a man who murder of his on Easter Monday…


Rasheid Gibson is the stabbed victim last evening in that beach stabbing on Grand Bahama Island Easter Monday.

Freeport – Bahamas Press is learning that the Coroner Court has found that an Immigration Officer had acted in self-defense following the murder of his son.

We are learning that just this afternoon senior immigration officer, Ruiz Gibson, was unanimously found by the jury to have acted in self-defense in the shooting death of, Nicholas Jean. The shooting incident was found to be justifiable.

The 1 man 4 women jury delivered their verdict in the Freeport Magistrate’s Court #3 this afternoon.

You would remember how BP was the first to break the news on Easter Monday holiday, where at a birthday bash a homicide incident unfolded.

Nicholas Jean, who was uninvited to the party, which was for Ruiz’s son, Rasheid Gibson, initiated a fight where he began to stab Rasheid about the body. Rasheid died on the scene.

Ruiz witnessing all this pulled out his issued gun and lick-off shots hitting fatally Nicholas [his son’s attacker] in the head.

The incident unfolded at a popular beach on Grand Bahama.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Debbye Ferguson presided over the matter at the Coroner.

We report yinner decide!