Where are the Bar Council comments on what went down in Mayaguana? Where is JUSTICE for the weak? Who ga speak for US! THANK YOU, MINISTER GRAY!!!!


Dear Editor,

I think you graciously for your space in this most read page and for allowing me time and space in your decent page, which seems to tell the whole truth about many things in this country.

I, too, have a view of these developments emanating out of Mayaguana, which seem to have caused the Minister of Local Government to seek the Prime Minister for his removal from that post pending an investigation.

What I find most disturbing is the fact that nowhere in modern jurisdictions is such poor jurisprudence exercised as shown recently in Mayaguana. A young man is arrested and charged with a gang of offenses and then, in a speedy trial, the arresting officer, who is also the complainant, is also the prosecutor seeking to jail a 19 year old for the alleged crimes.

This sickens me and words cannot express how uncomfortable I feel for this kind of situation to evolve. This cannot be justice! What is this? This reminds me of the young man who was found walking in a community and was accused of all sort of crimes and then found hanging, burnt and lynched following a “FAIR TRIAL”!

We must do better in this country! And where is the voice of the Bar Council, who supposes to be the APEX of the “learned” in our society, speaking to these kinds of injustices!

Where is the head of the BAR COUNCIL on this matter?! And do they also agree that what transpired in the court OK?


Sophia Bannister