Chrissy shot to the head and stabbed in Easter New Providence tonight by jealous lover!


Victim was enjoying an evening with her son’s father when a jealous lover showed up unannounced and all hell break loose!!!

Chrissy Mesidor and young son in happier times...

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press now report that a woman has been fatally shot and stabbed in the eastern section of New Providence in some area west of the Bahamas Correctional Facility.

Sources already on the ground tell us the woman was fatally shot and stabbed to the head and goes by the name Chrissy Mesidor.

She we now understand was enjoying an evening with her child’s father when another man – said to be known to the woman – approached the couple and began a violent attack on the woman.

Eyewitnesses confirm the incident occurred all in the view of the child who witnessed the crime.

Detectives have arrived already on the ground. The incident happened just before 10pm tonight.

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