Where was lram Lewis when everything at the National Staduim went wrong? An INQUIRY should open on that disaster


National Stadium repairs to cost taxpayers over $10 million – Thanks to Iram Lewis

CAPTION: Iram Lewis in his Eddie Long Snapshot - Why did he allow the stadium construction to go so wrong!!!??

Nassau, Bahamas — When members of the BAAA go to the polls this week, they should seriously consider the candidates before them and take sound advice from BP.

Now we are concerned, extremely concerned, with the candidacy of one Iram Lewis, who has sought to run as president of the BAAA.

We ain’t ga preach to yinner in the organization about his record at NIB – cause that is a topic for another day.

However, we will remind you about his most ‘jackup’ project of late!

The prized Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium construction, which cost millions under the former administration, is now Christie’s white elephant in the room, and guess who was the Project Leader for the construction – yes, you guessed it – the same man named Iram Lewis.

Ex-wife of Lewis and trackstar beauty Eldece Clarke dropped her Lewis name after seperation.

Now when you examine what we know at Bahamas Press for yourselves, you must ask yourself what was Lewis doing when that construction was going on?

The construction manager’s disaster management of the Stadium Construction turned him into “bush mechanic/architect 2.0”. The flaws in the new complex will now cost taxpayers to pay whopping $10 million to repair, according to our sources in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.

The National Stadium cannot pass world standards or gain any international approval to host events and guess who knew? Yes, Lewis!

We can report while he watched the Chinese botch up the project, not one official within the Ministry of Works ever inspected the facility, which now adds a safety element to the construction and begs the questions: Were building codes followed? Is the structure sound? When can it be used by the public? and the list goes on and on.

The entire track has not met world standards according to one report and guess what: Lewis was a track and field athlete back in the day!

The entire electrical system is fitted with 220WATT sockets, which mean only a 5,000 BTU air-condition plug fits into the walls at the stadium, which will blow up any radio, fan or tv set if plugged in. Where was Lewis when this project was happening? What did he [Lewis] do when he was in charge of the facility’s construction?

Inquiring minds want to know! Did he ever go to work or make inspections? And if not, why not?

And there is more!

The entire sewerage facility has to be redone as another report declared it as “inoperable”. A closer examination of the complex will confirm serious cracks and major fault damages are already being experienced at the facility. No one in the stands and the walls are already cracking? What is this!

Iram Lewis should be the last man in the Bahamas to consider running for any position on any sports authority. He should be before an “Inquiry” explaining to the public what happened to the National Stadium under his watch!

He should explain whether or not he ever showed up for work, and if he did, what did he do?

We report Yinner Decide!