Elizabeth Thompson collected a fifty-five thousand dollar cheque in her separation package from BTC – ROLLOUT!


Thompson violated every ethical standard as a professional – BTC was correct in their decision

Elizabeth Thompson

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press confirms Elizabeth Thompson collected a cheque for $55,000 from BTC as part of her separation package from the company.

And though the company paid Thompson all that money after creating a storm at the corporation, a senior legal scholar tells BP that she is one lucky woman.

BTC dismissed the services of Thompson, who went against every policy of the company and violated her terms of agreement as legal counsel for BTC.

Bahamas Press was the first to raise the issue citing that her union counterparts were, just weeks before her separation, violently agreeing that Cleola Hamilton could not “serve two gown tails”! Yet when it came to Thompson and her wicked display at BTC, all of a sudden Thompson was right and Hamilton was wrong.

Well, we join Wendell Jones who said today: “As the land goes, so does the deeds!”

Thompson should be asking for forgiveness from BTC for terrorizing the legal department. She should be thanking the company for what can only be described as a display by decent corporate players who treated a “rudely untamed animal” with kindness and care!

And by the way…BTC is not the Registrar General’s Office!

We report yinner decide!