Where's the cheque from Arawak Cay Christie? 'SEND IN THE CLOWNS'


christie-2.jpgNassau, Bahamas — The Broadway musical titled, A little Night of Music has a ballad that reminds us of Christie’s PLP. The piece is titled, “Send in the Clowns”.  The musical paints a love affair that went sour, where a woman is rejected by her lover as he goes off to marry a young girl, who runs off and leaves him. He returns to his first love and stands knocking at the door of her life. She stands unmoved by his return in her beautiful ‘RED’ dress, and sings her response. Sounds like the PLP hey?

Again we see members of the Progressive Liberal Party parading around in clown costumes telling the public to follow them, this time to ‘Save Saunders Beach’. THEY THINK WE’RE IN SOME CIRCUS.

We touched this topic on Sunday and well, it appears what we had to say about Jerome Fitzgerald and his ‘Band of Bandidos’ was just not enough.

It appears that they decided to avoid what we had to say about this whole Arawak Cay debacle. Now we hear the group will stage this Thursday some town meeting to discuss something they themselves claim they know very little about. This is not new, these are the clowns, remember?

jeromeThe leader of the PLP still sits silent on the whole matter and we wonder why? We wonder if his “SPECIAL INTEREST” on Arawak Cay and “the cheque received” from the tenant out there has something to do with it? Jerome will soon find out.

However, for the moment, Bahamas Press wishes to update this group of CLOWNS on who really owns Saunders Beach. Though enjoyed by the people, Jerome and his band of COHORTS must know that Saunders Beach is a private one. In fact, we should tell them it is owned by the developer of the West Grove, ‘Daddy’ Symonette. And it is an asset in his estate now held by Brent Symonettte. Yes, the Symonettes own that same beach the group claims is their backyard.

But you know, the chorus continues and the choir sings, “Save Saunders Beach”. The louder they become and the more they dig, the more and more, Perry ‘PUSSY CAT’ Christie hides in the shadows. They will soon know what we know. Soon and very soon! And it is not ours to say, not just yet. In the meantime, ‘SEND IN THE CLOWNS’.


  1. Omar :”…Our togetherness should only be overshadowed by our devout love for Christ.”
    BP, your site also seems to be converting people to Christ. Is this statement coming from the Great Omar Archer? WOW!

  2. We have proven that our survival as individuals depends on ourselves, but our progress as a people is truly limited without each other. Our togetherness should only be overshadowed by our devout love for Christ. There now exists a crisis in leadership in this great country, the lack of honest communications from those trusted with our votes. The air is now congested with confusion. CHANGE WILL COME WITHIN BOTH THE PLP AND THE FNM!

  3. Once and for all they need to send these clowns into retirement, they have become very ineffective. A clown suppose to be able to make others happy and feel good about themselves, but instead clowns like Perry and Hubert is doing quite the opposite. They have taken the smile of so many faces, people just isn’t laughing at them anymore. They need to stop performing their tricks and go home. Please send us some new clowns.

  4. @canesfins
    Yes Canesfins the conveyance was offered BUT NEVER ACCEPTED by Hubert Ingraham. Check the files again, you have a legal license SEARCH! Then come back to us. It is still PRIVATE PROPERTY!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  5. Perry’s Bridge Is Falling Down

    Alas, the bridge takes us nowhere;

    All sections are in disrepair;

    The columns lack,

    Are spalled and weak;

    We’re stuck,

    We can’t pass

    O’er the creek!

    And so,

    How do we get across?

    Talk to our leader.

    Ask Paul Moss!

    Time’s of the essence

    All around:

    The Perry Bridge

    Is Falling Down!

    By: Etienne L. Farquharson

    All Rights Reserved

    “It could be verse” 2009

  6. BP is only interested in making any PLP or PLP hopeful look bad.. BP will find anything to make PC look bad… I am not going to say anything in defense of PC or the PLP. I am just going to let BP run with this one…

  7. You are not breaking any news here. Everyone and the brother knows that Symmonette had title to Saunders Beach and conveyed it to the government for nominal consideration.

  8. All politics aside bp, but don’t you think that this whole issue is bigger than Jerome or PC? I think the bigger story is in the port development itself. Have you sent your team into that neighbourhood to hear what the people who live there think about the project? As for the beach, hell even a clown like me knew who own that beach. Do you know that every pink building on rawson square is not owned by the gov. that includes the supreme court and the parliament building, hell rawson square is not own by the gov. I thing these properties are owned by… United construction.

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