A Letter to the Editor – Guest Rip-offs in Grand Bahama by car rentals



Dear Editor,

Please allow me space on your global portal to share my experience with your many readers.

Here is my follow up on my posting from yesterday regarding my extremely disappointing experience with a car rental company located in Freeport, Grand Bahama. I got into the Bahamas on Friday afternoon after checking into my hotel (Our Lucaya) I requested a rental car and was referred to a rentals company, which was fine with me since I have rented cars from them in the pass.

Several moments after my request, a driver from the rental car company pulled at the hotel to take me to the rental office. Once there, I gave the young lady my corporate credit card as form of payment, she ran the card in her machine and to my surprise immediately she asked me for another card, I give her one of my personal bank cards to which she tried to process and was not successful.

Knowing that I had more than enough money on both accounts I asked Ms. L**** was she sure, she told me that it could be that I did not inform my bank in the US of my travel plans and to avoid fraud there could be a block on my accounts. Sounds good and truthful, but I still needed a car. She told me that I would have to leave a refundable cash deposit of $500.00 + the 2 day rental fee. I told her that was fine and I give her the cash.

Now, let’s fast forward to me dropping off the car on Sunday morning. Return time was 10:45AM I was there at 10: 30AM, Ms. L***  was the agent on duty again. I walked into her office and she greeted me and took the key to the car for an inspection. While waiting, I heard the voice of Ms. L**** calling Mr. M****, I went out to the car and she told me that there was a new dent on the rental. I explained to her that I when to a funeral and back to my hotel during my stay and I don’t believe this occurred while the car was in my possession. (Also, please note that I talking about a very small dent on the top of the fender of the car).

She insisted that it was not there when I picked up the car and instructed me to check my contract. We when back into the office and at that time she told me that they (The car rental company) will have to keep my deposit of $500.00) for a quick second I laughed thinking that she was the funniest comedian I had ever heard but soon realized that she was serious and I was about to get scammed! I insisted that she contacted the manager because I was not giving this company my $500 deposit.

She then contacted the manager whom she said agreed to me leaving $350.00 to take care of the damage. At this point I was still unsatisfied. I left the car rental agency with the rental car in search of an auto repair shop to no avail. On my way back to the rental agency Ms. L*** called me and said that their auto repairman was there, I told her I was 2 minutes away.

When I got there she stated that the repairman just left and he said the damages will cost $350.00 to repair. At this point I grew furious because I told the clerk I was on my way and she let the repairman leave and the repairman quoted $350.00 to repair damages that he had never seen if there was even a repair guy there. At this point I knew I was being scammed by Ms. L****, her manager and/or the entire company (not sure who was in on this).

I just want to leave this last thought in your mine, how many other unfortunate, disappointed, pissed off tourists visit our Bahamaland and experience the same situation, but because they are in a foreign land or have to catch their flight or just says the heck with it experience this same situation.


H. McKenzie


  1. Some rental car companies stink.Whenever I rent a car in the USA I take my time and examine listing the most minute dent or scratch.The Clerk is a crook and needs to be reported to authorities.I am hearing of a numbers place on Blue Hill Road not too far from the general post Office where winning patrons are daily ripped off by clerks.The clerks throw winnings in a box without counting then the unsuspecting winner/loser finds his winnings are short.The clerks claim to have no nowleedge of the shortage.All crooks need to be dealt with.

  2. I am grieved by this scanerio, however, car rental companies scamming people is a global deal these days in a plummeting economy. I have heard the cry of so many Bahamians who have been scammed by dollar rent-a- car this summer alone in Florida. One of the main complaints is they can’t recover their $ 50.00 deposit …

  3. Media, whats the name of this car company so i and others would know not to do business with them?

  4. Those car companies charge taxes, and fees and even milage, in addition to their daily rate. Only the government of the Bahamas has the power to tax, so they should all be investigated for fraud, and stealing by reason of service. They all do it, but I believe that it was started by a synonym for ‘vacation’ auto! Next time I rent a car I am renting from Virgo, or another local company, and not any franchise, who are all crooks!

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