Why are residents being blocked accessed to BP?


BP is monitoring sabotage against our network. WE CAN CONFIRM readers in large sections of the country cannot receive our online page.


BP cannot and will not be silenced. We have place all of our international affiliates: ABC/CNN/AP/AFP and the BBC on alert of these happenings.


  1. hey bp am back i guess one of the advantages of your site allegedly being tampered with is that all the ppl who u blocked are now well UNBLOCKED LOL HAHA HA HA JACKASS, PLP’S, BP

    • You need to learn how to use the Internet. Call your hosting company and ask them to fix the issues with your server – a simple ping on and off shows your site down from within the US, even if just for minutes.


    What an insightful insightful reply! “Your” affiliates must be proud of you indeed!

    Son, don’t you realize that every time you straight out lie that you alienate the educated on-the-fence voters who will determine the next election?

    All you are doing is hardening the base of both parties.

    Wake up, grow up and be a serious opposition voice! We really need it and I and so many others have just about given up on you.

  3. BP, continue doing what you are doing! It is sooo obvious that you are striking a nerve when you speak Truth To Power. These Assh…. would not take the the time to care or respond if you were not making your point with your audience. BY the way, BahamasYouth keep believing that the protesters that were out on Bay Street are “fools”. Time will indeed tell the tale, and that you are the biggest one.

    • @Pat:
      You are 100% correct in your analysis.
      I can not imagine why Sir Orville Turnquest has not apprised his inept son Tommy-T on the inadvisability of squaring off against the Bahamian people.

      Sir Orville should tell his hapless son that just like the Constabulary could not hold back the tide of thousands of angry Bahamians on “BLACK TUESDAY” so too a police force of 3000 can not prevent 30,000 determined Bahamians from the democratic right to protest the “proposed” sale of BTC to “Careless & Wutless” (CWC).

      A Police escort assigned with the task of getting Sir Stafford Sands and Sir Orville Turnquest (both were simply MP’s at the time) to Sand’s car reports that Sir Stafford said to Orville:”Courage! These are our people! If we can not face them now, then when can we?”
      The attending Police Officers also reports that there was a foul odour emenating from Sir Orvile pants, which they all tried valliantly to ignore in their hasty retreat from Bay Street on that historically victorious day.

      I Guess the shame and the pain of being on the wrong side of history caused Tommy-T’s father to keep this story a hidden secret! Sadly, this conspiracy of silence by a father who knows better, will result in a case of History Repeating!

  4. Yeah I WONT BLAME THE GOVT for doing it too for Congratulating those STUPID fools into a VIOLENT PROTEST. People lives were at stake, theres a PROPER way of doing things here. BUT BOI I TELL YOU WHAT GOES UP MUST COMES DOWN!!!!!!!!

  5. Yeah just like how you continually DELETE MY POSTS where the public wont see how much SCUMS you really are. I posted that YAL enn no CNN, ABC etc. Dont compare your fabricated bias reporting to any of those unbiased news outlets.

  6. While it is said that there was no problem viewing the site in North Eleuthera, it is a fact that the site was not available, as a BTC customer here in Abaco.
    Was it only BTC blocking the site, and not Cable?

    Glad you are back!

  7. “We have place all of our international affiliates: ABC/CNN/AP/AFP and the BBC on alert of these happenings.”

    Your arrogance is matched only by your stupidity.

  8. B P what areas and who are the people you are talking about because we in eleuthera have no problem or is this just wishful thinking so ya’ll can have something else to complain about

  9. I think you have an overinflated ego. Maybe if you engaged your readers with intelligent and reasonable information instead of bile filled PLP rhetoric, and biased, infantile rantings, people would actually care.

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