Ingraham say he is transforming Nassau into a “SAFE” City, but where is Ms Cates’ Murderer?


Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham

Nassau, Bahamas — Hubert Ingraham told those attending the opening of LPIA he is attempting to transform the City of Nassau into a place that is “SAFE”.

Is the Prime Minister aware that some 204 persons have been murdered in cold blood in this same community since 2009?

What he has done to make Nassau SAFE? He has left in place for five [5] years the same WUTLESS minister of national security at the helm of the post. THEY HAVE NO DAMN SHAME!

Livingstone Taylor, the accused murderer of the Cates woman in Rocks Sound, Eleuthera didn’t show up for court today. Some 18 witnesses stood in awe as the murderer accused was a BIG NO SHOW!

This criminal has no ankle bracelet and is now on bail to kill the witnesses.



  1. wizard! you are so wrong this is not true
    and if i had to vote now it is clear(FNM).jobs are being provided bar-mar airport the roads the clean up programs and thats just some.the plp and there bandits are go to take the cookie jar this time.Mr Christie will never controll those M.P. If they win .Mr Ingraham is the best at this time and he doing a very good in this hard need to open your eyes or are you just plp know matter what.

  2. in the buget this man say’s nothing about job my lord. ingrum is a sorry ass losser.all them cotract was given out and nothing was done for the poor man these people have no where to turn. but to crime.

  3. HI is really making a difference with these long term infrastructure investments. I’m grateful for him having the fortitude to see them through, but would like to see more efforts made to get some people working in the short term.

  4. Tell ingraham all he did was show the bahamian people that he is losing his grip on power just like mubarak did and just like ghadafi did not too long agao… Seems like you are on you way out HAI

  5. Minister of Jokes while Bahamians die in the streets every day. I am sure I saw this joker ran from the House of Assembly under heavy police guard the other day. It ain’t safe for him,he wants to make it safe for who: his 3% special interest friends,or Sir Sol aye. Tell that “JOKESTER” carry his ASS.

    • yeah Jokes our children killing each, deal with your stuff at home, you dont think doing a good job running the country, yet it sound like you want him come run you house….

      • Under normal conditions, I’d turn a blind eye to this response because I was speaking to what the Prime Minister had to say; but I chose to set the record strait with you dASSy. My children of 2,one, which is of to school and the other is working to head of to school are perfectly safe. Further, my home,or house is great thanks to my sound financial planting and physical prudence.And my answer is no Mr Ingraham is not doing a good job running our country;as a matter of fact I would’nt let him run my dog house with his voodoo style of economics. Now perhaps he run your house dASSy.

    • Couldn’t agree more with you “jokes.” As someone said “they only care about Friends, Family, and Lovers.”
      You are exactly right. That’s the only ppl this coward is interested in keeping “safe.” Go to Hell where your twin Hitler is.

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