Yinner ga clean up ya own community – Boy this Minister gats to be drinking!


Minister Ferreira Says, “People’s National Clean-Up Day” in October – IF EACH BEFORE THEY DOOR SWEPT THE VILLAGE WILL BE CLEAN!


NASSAU, The Bahamas — Minister of the Environment & Housing, the Hon. Romauld Ferreira, announced in the House of Assembly, September 20, that his Ministry is fulfilling the first of the Government’s promises, quoted in its public 2017 Manifesto, “to inaugurate the People’s National Clean-Up Day,” launched through the Ministry’s National Clean-Up Plan to start off in New Providence during October 2017, then extend out to the Family Islands “in an island-specific way.”

During his House address, the Minister remarked: “Mr. Speaker, I grew upon a clapboard house at the foot of Kemp Road. We had a broom for sweeping the yard, in fact all of the neighbours did; and every Saturday we did sweep the yard.

“Today we live in a Bahamas where we have become accustomed to waste. Whether derelict vehicles, fridges, stoves, or bulk waste, there is garbage everywhere. This problem did not happen overnight nor will the fix be overnight, but it is a journey we must all take together.”

Minister Ferreira said the theme of the Clean-Up Campaign will be “Keep Our Bahamas Beautiful” and is designed to encourage everyone to “Keep The Bahamas Clean, Green, and Pristine” by appealing to Bahamian pride in our country. The theme implores cleanliness in our communities by reminding our people to ‘Be A Hero And Put It In The Can Man.’

“The campaign will be executed in a five-phase approach with the goal to fully clean New Providence and maintain its cleanliness, and improve the general aesthetics. New Providence has been divided into five zones and each zone correlates with a phase,” said Minister Ferreira.

He explained that each phase will encompasses the constituencies or zones as follows:

“Phase 1: Bain Town, Grants Town, St. Barnabas, Englerston and Centerville;

Phase 2: Bamboo Town, Pinewood, Nassau Village, South Beach, Sea Breeze, and Fox Hill;

Phase 3: Marathon, Freetown, St. Anne’s, Fox Hill, and Elizabeth;

Phase 4: Fort Charlotte, Mount Mariah and Killarney; and

Phase 5: Golden Isles, Southern Shores, Tall Pines, Garden Hills, Bamboo Town, Golden Gates, Carmichael and South Beach.”

Minister Ferreira added: “the Clean-Up Campaign will require the full commitment and involvement of communities and stakeholders. It will include the removal of garbage, appliances, furniture, derelict vehicles, rodents, and vegetation from lots and lot clearances.”

Additionally, the Ministry anticipates that the success of the initiative will translate into the speedy and effective removal of waste; efficient monitoring; ongoing public awareness and education; and enforcement. The Ministry will partner with media to get the message out. And there will also be school outreach in hopes that educating the children will mean they will educate the adults they live with at home.

“To brand our messages, the project will employ the use of a mascot, which will signal to Bahamians the source of the message disseminated, and the expected environmental content. Posters for billboards will feature everyday people and celebrities and will be strategically placed at selected roundabouts throughout New Providence,” said Minister Ferreira.

“The secret of an effective clean-up campaign is a good enforcement programme. Appreciating this fact, there will be collaboration with the Health Inspectorate Division of the Department of Environmental Health Services, the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Ministry of Works, Ministry of Agriculture, and Community Leaders who we expect to eventually take the lead in keeping their communities clean, green, & pristine. We also expect to receive corporate sponsorship and buy-in.”

The Clean-Up Campaign is a voluntary event and all citizens and residents alike are asked to join in the community clean-up next month.