“There are many prostitutes in our profession…”… there are few brothels in the land! – Tribune fights for Louis Bacon…


How much is Louis Bacon paying the morning daily Tribune to fan the reports against his neighbour?

The Tribune has always coiled to the outsider who would help them topple the duly elected PLP governments of the Bahamas. Louis Bacon Save Clifton Group has thrown Prime Minister Christie in Court - And the Tribune supports that!

Here is the group who if given the chance could destabilize democracy in the Bahamas! WE WILL NOT LET THEM HAVE OUR COUNTRY!!!

Nassau, Bahamas — “There are many prostitutes in our profession…” the Tribune wrote in its July 23rd editorial yesterday morning as it continued its relentless editorial attacks against the neighbour of Louis Bacon.

And we agree with the Editorial of the Tribune, there are many prostitutes in Journalism around the world, and we are happy they are coming to terms with confessing its many sins before the face of the public yesterday.

Bahamas Press has always said that the WICKED WITCH of the EAST was not just a political scarlet woman, but indeed the black widow who inherited an entire brothel whose record of selling the news dates back to the days after World War I.

For more than 100 years, the operators of the morning daily Tribune have become the professionals in that House of Harlots on Shirley Street.

And as such, they have become so influential and persuasive that its backdoor facing Dowdeswell Street has cultured and blossomed on its doorstep a plethora of every sexual sin imaginable.

Young Christians would tell you, its bile was so sinful to carry in the afternoons, that decent law-abiding Bahamians knew it was a reproach to be caught in a lavatory with the dutty wutless terlet paper!

The Tribune for many years became the voice against the upward progress of Bahamians and, to this day, it cannot share one claim of having supported any progressive legislation to advance the average Bahamian – particularly during the Pindling era.

Educated young Bahamians of the 1960s knew their constant pushback and cockeyed yellow journalism meant no progress for them – NOT THEN and NOT NOW – and critical thinkers of today know all too well that the days of the daily dinos are DONE!

Here an institution [The Tribune], which in the last term of the FNM government, called for the censure and shutdown of the Mighty Internet – the global portal that has opened the eyes of the innocent! They feared then – as they now know – that no longer will they ever control the conversations of the masses or limit the ideas of our people who now seek to move forward!

The Tribune loves to venture in the past and so today – let’s join them in recalling some of their ‘harlot’ years:

Fact is since the early days of the 20th Century when the newspaper began its funding via the Royal Governor of the Bahamas, their singular mission was to keep a certain culture and class in the front – while the rest of us sit to the back of the bus – ONLY RAW PROSTITUTES COULD EXERCISE SUCH POWERS OVER A NATION!

One of the Tribune clients during that period was the Royal Bank of Canada – who to this day share an inseparable relationship with the morning daily.

Today, over 100 years later, both RBC and the Tribune still maintain that close marriage, and, if you don’t believe us, just ask Larry Smith from Media Enterprises – the holder of the bank’s retainer account and columnist in the Tribune. Today RBC is terminating its staff left, right and centre and only Bahamas Press is reporting news on this developing story. Why is that?

We will say it again; “Journalistic Prostitution” is a craft perfected best on Shirley Street and if you don’t believe us, just take this second glance into Bahamian History.

Just before the 1967 general elections, A Royal Commission on Gambling was held. There was a decision to expand the tourism sector and casinos were to play a huge role. It was the intention therefore to explore gaming in the country and examine its present influence in the society.

The report confirmed how the late Sir Etienne Dupuch, then publisher and editor of the Tribune, was reported to have “UNETHICALLY and CORRUPTLY” received twenty thousand [20,000] pounds from the mobsters of that day. His role, the report confirmed, was to “promote the agenda of gambling in the Bahamas and by extension support the group supporting the plan [by the MOB] to welcome the expansion of Casinos in the Colony.”

For those who are not aware – the value of the currency of twenty thousand pounds would be equivalent to more than a quarter-of-a-million dollars in the 1960s.

Point here is this: The Tribune has a history, legacy, and long record of collecting cash to buy its opinion.

And we need not go far, as friends close to the newspaper tell us, how Hubert Alexander Ingraham has often been a contributor to the editorial page of the daily.

We are not surprise! We wonder how much he paid or what he gave for such commentary.

Which brings us to our last point on this issue. Like the Royal Governor’s agenda at the turn of the century, and like the retainer posted through its good friend Larry Smith for RBC or like its whipping master Hubert Ingraham and the FNM – who is paying the Tribune to keep the neighbour of Louis Bacon on its front pages and on almost every page for the past month?

Is Louis Bacon bankrolling the Tribune to fan through its editorial day after day a message against his neighbour?

The battle now being waged against Peter Nygard and the Christie-led PLP government by the Tribune is nothing new. And all we say is this: Yes, “There are many prostitutes in our profession…,” however, there are few brothels in the land.