Was Swanson Miller Bridgewater vaccinated?

Swanson Miller Bridgewater

By Shenique Miller

The hurt and pain that my family is experiencing is indescribable. My sister, Swanson Miller Bridgewater is no longer because of poor care, negligence and the lackluster manner in which health-care is administered at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

My sister was beautiful, full of life, excited about the future and about seeing her one son make his way in the world. We often talked about our dreams and goals.

All of that was cut short.

Her latest visit to PMH was late Sunday afternoon, early Sunday evening she was experiencing shortness of breath and weakness. Gasping for air.

After waiting in Accident and Emergency from early Sunday evening with not much as a cup of water, my sister finally got drips Monday morning. Weak and dehydrated, a family friend who is an employee a PMH took her a cup of water and a cup of tea.

Soon after a nurse told my sister, who was still weak and having difficulty breathing that she’s being discharged. Fearful and concerned, my sister called me seeking input and help. I reached out to a senior official for help.

She was discharged Monday night and was so weak she had to hold on and rest in between getting from the car to the house and once she did that, flopped breathless, into the nearest chair.

Recognizing that the hiplock (used for transfusions or to administer drips) was still in her arm, she asked my sister to assist her removing it.

All Tuesday (yesterday) she became very painful and her breathing even more labored (rapid respiratory issues).

She died early this morning.