PLP government must guard and protect the few Bahamians jobs we know are being given away to FOREIGNERS deep inside MONARCH HOUSE RIGHT NOW!


Foreigner who was denied a Labour Certificate by the Department of Labour collects a stamped Work Permit inside the Claudine Ruth Minus MONARCH HOUSE OFFICE – WHAT IS DIS?!


NASSAU| Bahamas Press is now becoming concerned with the happenings deep inside Monarch House, which manages the preparations for citizenships in the country. 

Recently, because of a lack of proper guidelines within the Department of Immigration, Monarch House has become the place to go to circumvent the red tape and gain citizenship approvals for foreign nationals operating in the Bahamas.

Bahamas Press has evidence and information which raises concerns about the NATIONAL SECURITY of the country deep inside that agency. NOW TO THE MEAT!

Recently, just before the Minnis Government was kicked out of power by the People of the Bahamas, Hubert Minnis reposted FNM HACK, the notorious Immigration Superintendent Claudine Ruth Minus, to oversee the handling of Citizenships for the country. Minus’ inside the Free National Movement is equivalent to what Laura Williams is in the PLP. Das how hardcore she is for her party, cussing out PLPs on the job while wearing her ‘dutty’ ‘dingy’ red on a regular basis. But that is a story for another day.

For some reason, though, since the PLP was swept into power, Minus has become rosey and cozy with Cabinet Ministers inside the Davis Government. So cozy that some now wonder if she has not already baptised some PLPs in water and converted them to her cause.

Just this month a work permit for a foreign national was granted deep inside Minus’ Monarch House Office – despite the fact that the applicant was denied a Labour Certificate by the Department of Labour, meaning a competent and qualified Bahamian had been identified to fill the vacancy. BAHAMIANS ARE BEING SOLD RIGHT INSIDE THE COUNTRY! But there is more.

BP understands this applicant and job vacancy is available for a Cay just outside the City of Nassau where thousands of Bahamians have been unemployed for more than 20 months during the pandemic.
We want to also point out the fact that, in order to obtain any work permit in the country, a Labour Certificate, approved by the Department of Labour, must be granted to the applicant. 

For that applicant to be granted a work permit by the Department of Immigration the corresponding certificate of approval must be submitted to show that both Departments of the Government (Labour and Immigration) are communicating with each other to PROTECT THE INTERESTS OF ALL BAHAMIANS!

How Monarch House, which has no authority to approve work permits in the country, is right now selling out Bahamians contrary to the Immigration Act of the Bahamas? This is a serious and dangerous precedent being set by the new administration!

Bahamas Press is warning the NEW DAY GOVERNMENT TO PROTECT THE INTERESTS OF BAHAMIANS! Save the Bahamas from this kind of nonsense where the interests of and opportunities for our PEOPLE ARE BEING DENIED!

BP is now collecting more files inside Immigration on these incidents and we warn we will stop at nothing to CANCEL THE SELLOUT OF BAHAMIANS by the people we hire to protect us! GET MINUS and CO. OUT MONARCH HOUSE! AND REMEMBER – WE ARE NOT AFRAID TO GO DEEPER ON THIS TOPIC!

We ga report yinner decide!