Hubert says he does not want a long political life, but his actions speaks louder than his words

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham pressing young flesh as he toured seniors at Saunder's Beach yesterday.

Nassau, Bahamas — He says he is not campaigning, but yesterday Prime Minister The Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham could be seen pressing the flesh and touring scores of senior citizens at his new beach at Saunders.

Two bus load of senior citizens from the Garden Hills community were touring Nassau yesterday, viewing developments from roadways to the new stadium now under construction by the FNM government.

While the PM was touring senior citizens, MP for the constituency, Brensil Rolle, was holding a mini-fair on the grounds in the community, where hundred of kids from surrounding areas gathered on the fair ground.

Santa could be seen handing out pleasantries to the young people as bags upon bags of gifts descended on the playground. One gift was wrapped, “Cable and Wireless a gift to the Bahamian People”.

Brensil along with hundreds of kids at the Garden Hills FNM community annual Christmas fair on Saturday.


  1. It makes sense that the most talented and tested leader in the Bahamas to date remains. He is SIMPLY The BEST! You people can be so disrespectful at times. I dont care who it is we need to be respectful and honor our leaders Government and Opposition. One thing I will say this man is FAIR and if the people want him he will be voted in if they dong he will “carry his behind home”-Those are his words. I respect that about him. No one talked about how Perry Christie went back on his word to quit mid-term again eating his vomit.

  2. This man has spent half of his life in politics, and just publicly announced he leading his party into the next election;previously promised the Bahamian people he only wanted two terms as PM,now in the midst of his third none consecutive term:please stop the “BULLSHIT”.

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