Loretta Butler, Duane Sands and Desmond Bannister headed for Political Defeat!


The man who is hellbent on throwing persons at the Mortgage Corporation who have fallen on hard times out of their homes.

FNMs defy Papa’s order to suspend campaigning for Holy Week

Nassau, Bahamas — FNM MPs, scrapping like the scrap gang on Bay Street Boxing Day morning, have defied Papa Clown’s orders to suspend all political activities during Holy Week.

BP has been canvassing constituencies and guess what we found! Against the orders of the man who likens himself to a supreme being in the FNM, Party candidates and their election teams were campaigning on Holy Monday.

Hubert Ingraham told supporters in Fox Hill he would be suspending all campaign activities in observance of Holy Week, which began two days ago with Palm Sunday.

But on Holy Monday, FNM campaign workers for Tall Pines, Mt Moriah and Elizabeth were seen hitting the pavement and knocking on doors.

BBB Analytics proved the FNM is down in the polls in many constituencies throughout New Providence and on the family Islands.

In Long Island, for example, Loretta Butler Turner is trailing miserably. In North Andros, following Desmond Bannister’s threat to voters in that constituency, FNM support has plummeted and is now down to 28% in popular support, a 15 percent drop compared to the numbers before the announcement of Dr. Perry Gomez as a candidate.

FNMs in Elizabeth defy FNM leader and as seen here campaigning on Holy Monday. It amazing how people cannot listen to their leader.

Dr. Gomez now leads that North Andros and the Berry Islands constituency by a comfortable 69% support base, a virtual BLOWOUT in Bahamian politics.

Fighting for his life like a swimmer chained to the bottom of the ocean is FNM Elizabeth candidate Duane Sands. The Senator, we can confirm, not only has a problem gathering support in the constituency, but also has a bigger challenge convincing supporters in the constituency to vote for him after agreeing with the party’s position to throw single mothers who have found it hard to meet mortgage bills onto the streets.

Duane Sands got the shock of his life when a longstanding FNM caucasian Bahamian female drove out of the gates of Treasure Cove in her spanking brand new Tahoe with two huge GOLD flags with Ryan Pinder written on them.

Sands’ naked constituency office sits right in the front of the gates of the Treasure Cove community, yet Sands is getting doors slammed in his face, one after the other.

Another affluent middle class couple who voted FNM in the last election were overheard greeting Sands saying, “Man, we gone GOLD!”

On the popular Ortland Bodie show today Sands saw nothing wrong with writing off a 100 million dollar debt in overruns for the road, but rejected the same to help Bahamians whose homes are in foreclosure in the thousands.


We report yinner decide!

Has Darron resorted to buying votes in the upcoming general election? Or is this another form of deception advertising.


  1. i am concern by a few things Clico Insurance why are people still making contributions to a dead company,why the PM said to continue, why John Pinder run for president again and aint do nothing again!!! its rather to late now, and why a few civil servants got their reimbursement for their tuitions while others did not as yet whats going on, hello…..

  2. I would like to know about a few things; what is going on about the Clico Insurance, the PM told the public to continue making payments into a company that is deceased, another question why did John Pinder convince hundreds of members that he will ensure that they would get a raise and other things that was put on the table why he makes a fool out of his members people are finding it hard to keep their homes and feed their children and know raise for years, promotions is he serious to ask the people to put him back again, lol, last but not least some persons got refunded their reimbursement for the civil servants who got their bachelors but their are still lot of persons who are still waiting to get theirs to are we being picked randomly or by favor. I need to know because the other already finished spending theirs.

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