Value Added Tax: The “no” before the “yes”


    Dear Sir,

    Glad you availed me the opportunity to use this column to express my views. I’ve listened, with attentive ears, to the Value Added Tax (VAT) row from inception. Everyone was screaming at the top of their lungs, “No! No! No!” to VAT. Now if you listen the yells are becoming more and more faint.

    A few weeks ago, an “embarrassingly small” motorcade was held as a protest to VAT. The results of that motorcade itself should tell us that more and more Bahamian citizens are reviewing the said taxation system and seeing that it can work, if properly managed.

    There are so many people out there who like to say “NO” before seeing how something can work. And, most of the time their “No” is based on the political party that is in power. Well here’s the thing …… Bahamians said NO to National Insurance and that system has worked VERY WELL for decades.

    Bahamians were also opposed to the privatization of BTC and now they bask as they receive thousands of dollars in donations for various causes from that entity. Before privatization of that organization that was unheard of.

    VAT is doable! VAT can work! VAT is going to benefit the government in many ways! Let’s move ahead, full steam and accept that this is moving us forward as a country.

    Yours etc.

    Stacey Bain