Thousands gather at the GOLDEN ISLES Back to School Jam – with Michael Halkitis


Bahamians across the country got nothing but LIP-SERVICE from the DNA this Back to School…

One Word in Golden Isles on Saturday - "TSUMANI" - GOLD RUSH FLOOD THE PARK Shouting PLP ALL DA WAY!!!!

Christie’s Gold RUSH BACK to School Event in GOLDEN ISLES was MASSIVE!!!

Nassau, Bahamas — If you missed the Michael Halkitis and Golden Isles Back to School Jam this weekend, you really missed a treat. It was the biggest Tsunami of PLPs gathered in one place since 2012.

Halkitis’ polling numbers grew by leaps and bounds yesterday after what some confirmed was the most concerned, most organized, biggest gathering of PLPs since the Clifford Park Rallies…

“All I could say, BP, is this is the silent majority which says nothing, but comes alive and is organized whenever the MP calls. Michael is the best MP this constituency has ever had. He is always on the ground, listening to the needs of the people and yesterday proved for parents that he again is one of the beaming stars and future of the PLP,” one resident of Golden Isles told BP.

One woman, when she saw the crowd in her GOLD RUSH t-shirt, began screaming – “I told yinner – Christie is the Man! Look what my Prime Minister is doing for the people. Where is the damn DNA? Where is the FNM? They abandon us just like they PAPA!”

All we could say is this: Look at the People shouting GOLD RUSH!

Let’s see if those in the WUTLESS MEDIA ga publish this.