A BP BREAKING REPORT >>>> Big Fight in Bimini Local Board…


Bimini man attacked at Local Council Meeting –

Bimini man attacked at Local Council Meeting -

Alice Town, Bimini –– Bahamas Press is reporting a big fight erupted following a local meeting with the council members.

We can tell you during a meeting of Bimini’s Local Board on 27th, May 2014, Council Member Dr. Paul Duncombe was physically attack by another Council Member, Lorrick Roberts.

BP can report the attack was so serious Dr. Paul Duncombe had to go to the Bimini Clinic for urgent attention.

We can tell you since this report the matter has also been reported to the Police. However, no action has yet been taken.

Is someone waiting for murder to happen in Bimini before that council member is arrested?

BP has much more to tell in our investigation on the board.

We report yinner decide.