A Defeated ex-Cabinet Minister is now asking the question: ‘What just happened?’ and may soon take up an acting career


Of the 27 FNM Delegates from GB, Cash collected 21 – beating his opponent three-to-one

FNM supporters in North Abaco.

Nassau, Bahamas –A former FNM Cabinet Minister is now drowning himself in continuous rounds of Bloody Marys after being defeated in his party’s recent Chairmanship race.

The MP, who was broke before he entered the race, is now even more financially wounded. Some tell us the ex-MP is doing so badly he could soon begin spamming emails like a Nigerian scammer and print sponsor sheets seeking donations.

The once senior MP in the FNM has fallen from grace like an archangel from heaven. Some say he is rejected and depressed and is seeking councils from his father on the hill.

The defeated MP was recently beaten by woman in the PLP during the May 7th general election. The deadly cut-yinner-know-what forced the MP to run after hard Russian vodka.

In one episode the MP was discovered drunk as a skunk and wrote off his vehicle in Cable Beach.

Prior to his defeat on May 7th, he was beaten in three previous elections and has not entered the lower house since 2002 – more than a decade ago.

A newcomer in the party defeated the MP – who was projected to win by many. The successor to the throne of the party post has captured the imagination of young Bahamians, and has taken the FNM party to new heights with his “independent-thinking”, an uncommon gene during the Ingraham leadership of the country.

The defeat by the MP was a rejection against the backdrop that, if elected, he would cultivate nepotism within the FNM – a thing party supporters fought against prior to 1992.

The rejection by delegates was also a clear message against politicians with scandalous/ corrupt backgrounds and people who would bamboozle Bahamians [Stevens Close come to mind]. FNMs want to wash the party of such ‘dutty’ laundry in its midst.

FNM Chairman Darron Cash

The fallen MP was making his maneuvers to climb to the top of the party but fell from the rocky cliff when Party Leader announced his vision for a new direction within the FNM!

The FNM Leader also told FNMs he wanted “new blood and visionaries”, who would take the Bahamas to new heights when the organization returns to Government in 2017.

The Party Leader’s statements, some tell us, were like a modern day Moses striking the rock causing an abundance of energy to engulf the FNM!

We are told the defeated MP was warned by the Leader and the new generation of FNMs now flocking towards the Party to stay out of the Chairmanship race or he will be cut down to size like a half-a-pound of sausage.  He refused to listen.

The former Cabinet Minister was so shocked out of his pants when the returns begin to come in in Thursday’s elections that he began screaming, “Count it AGAIN”!

The MP we are told began weeping crocodile tears and began blaming the former Prime Minister for his latest defeat.

Lucky for him though, with his law practise in shambles and his political future derailed, perhaps he could get a job in the spectacular FNM theatre  and ask himself: “What Just Happened?

We report yinner decide!