A second alleged rape incident of a female RBDF Marine reported to police in Inagua


Raymond King has lost the respect and command of the RBDF!

RBDF Commodore Raymond King

NASSAU| The Commodore of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Raymond King has lost the respect of the rank and file on the RBDF and from what we are learning marines have gone rogue into dangerous wickedness!

BP is reporting a second alleged rape incident, which is reported to have unfolded down in Inagua around the same time the first incident (now being investigated by police) occurred.

In the first rape incident reported by BP we understand the officer has now admitted to committing the act on a fellow marine.

But in this second incident, the marine has been called to New Providence Coral Habour base to have the matter investigated.

We understand the incident occurred just a few week ago where the accused, who goes by the nickname “Spider” and who believes he is a singing sensation on the FORCE, has been accused of raping a follow female marine following an evening out.

The female victim is married to another RBDF officer, who is keeping house in New Providence while the victim was regularly in the company with the accused.

On the evening of the incident, the accused and the two female marines were enjoying an evening of cocktails and fun at a party when the second female marine left the victim alone partying with the accused who goes by the name “SPIDER”.

The following morning when she woke up she found herself naked and afraid alleging that she was both drugged and raped by the accused, who has denied the claims and told senior officers and the police the victim marine freed up willingly and that the sex was consensual! This ga be long.

The accused believes his tight connections in the lodge will get him out of the hot water, but now that BP has brought the incident to the national spotlight this will not be easy.

We want ALL THE WOMEN DEM – INCLUDING THE CRISIS CENTRE to speak up loudly on these naked abuses against women, which continue deep in these government institutions. Someone must standup for the victims and we at BP will follow these report to the end!

We report yinner decide!