Aliv customers cannot connect to BTC mobile services? Why is that da case?9


No power from BPL is connecting NewCo towers in Nassau.

Nassau, Bahamas – Aliv customers continue to warn us about the services that have prohibited them from making contact calls into BTC phone customers.

Customers have contacted BP telling us how disappointed they are with the service and would never again in their life make the mistake of switching their mobile services. Now this is real because we at BP warned consumers long before the late-again-company started in November that they were going to disappoint.

We told readers how Aliv did not have the necessary infrastructure to offer real mobile service across the Bahamas, and we warned how they had concentrated their focus on the big city areas; Freeport and Nassau.

If you look at Bimini and Andros, you must wonder how come dey ain’t gat Aliv services yet, and no one – NOT EVEN URCA – could tell ya as to why they have intentionally dragged their feet to inspect Aliv. This is some serious times!

Aliv, URCA knows, has not lived up to its performance bond agreements. URCA’s role is to confirm if the second mobile license provider has met the standards of its agreement as set out by the Cellular Liberalization Task Force. But then again, the senior regulator at URCA and his wife, who was placed deep inside the Task Force, could have been working together to ensure that Aliv don’t meet those standards as agreed! You never know. We are still wondering why URCA has failed to promptly and thoroughly inspect Aliv as set out in their Performance Bond Agreement! The Aliv phones are having connection issues to BTC customers, which are spread broadly across the Bahamas on every rock and cay!

BTC, as its stands, is the bigger and better network, and yet, Aliv [wit dey small sef] is giving people a heap a trouble contacting dey mah down in Staniel Cay!

Where is URCA? Why is Aliv having these issues and not a single word is being said?!

We report yinner decide!