An International Apology from BP


We apologize to to our thousands of international readers for our interruption online yesterday. Many of you thought our writers were also arrested with Orthland Bodie but that was far from the truth.

Like all modern technology we had some problems, which affected the website. However, whenever this occurs BP readers should note our electronic publishing of news never stops. You could always access our news updates on facebook.

Once again we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Bahamas Press Editor


  1. Eagle nice remark..HA!

    NCL let me say this very slowly, keep up with your rant and I assure you not only will you be off our facebook page, but no access to this site will be given to you at all now matter how you attempt to log on and comment.

    Behave ya self! THIS IS YOUR SECOND WARNING, before we gata put on you what Christie gave Papa in Lizzy…”CUT YA BAHIND!”

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  2. TRANSLATION: We did not pay our web fees and was booted off until we came up with the “paper”.

  3. Thanks God at least for that time.. the public was speared of the lies and hate that BP spreads on this site which some of us now calls Bahamas Lies.. BL from now on..

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