Angry with The Bahamas, the Haitian community



  1. The over population of Haitians in the bahamas is too far gone. Nothing anyone can do to put this back under control

  2. The problem with Haitians is that instead of them come here and work as fellow country-people, rent or buy proper living spaces, and invest in the country. They come here in flocks like birds, setup slapboard homes in the bush that have no living needs such as light water or bathroom. They work for little or nothing and send there money out of the country to haiti.
    Its not like they come here and try to make a better life.
    When we go to other countries such as the USA. we rent work and support there country. When other foregin people come here to the bahamas such as french, cuban, dominican, peruvian, american. etc….. they work rent and support the bahamian life….
    mind you there are a few haitians that try and i want to show them respect. its just the ones who dont care for our country that i dont like.

  3. I understand it from both sides of the fence. The bahamians are angry because there are so mch Haitians and the Haitians feel like they are treated unfairly. I get all of that, but I wanna ask this question,”How do you think the Americans feel when we bombard their country”? Yes America is bigger than the Bahamas but it is the same thing. Bahamians to feel like there is a better life elsewhere.

  4. human bey omar lets get real what country in the world will welcome undocumented people in their land and treat them with equal right as the citizens..(other than cuban in america- wet foot dry foot)

    we would have to provide all kinda papers to live and work anywhere what makes haitians so special that they must get special treatment? lets no forget jamaican and chinees dem

  5. No my brother/Sister, they are first and foremost “HUMAN”. I do agree that they are a burden on our healthcare, Education systems and they have all but saturated the construction field. Our country like every other country have laws that must be adhered to. The solution begins with us as a people, Governments can only implement policies with fake smiles. Every election immigration is huge on the agendas of all political parties, but seems to fade away slowly all the time or atleast until there is a problem. Problems like When Minister of National Security and Immigration Hon. Tommy Turnquest declared open shores a few short months after election when he announced that children born in the Bahamas of non-Bahamian parents would be entitled to citizenship. Like I said before , I am all for addressing the crisis of statelessness, but he failed at that time to secure the boarder first, What happened? Our shores were invaded by fleets of Hatian sloops, landing from Yamacraw, to South Beach ramp. Many Hatian women are now arriving pregnant. It’s still going on today… We are now the victims of decades of passivity. Mr. Turnquest this is not the time to be gaining on the job experience. Either you know what you are doing, or you simply do not.

  6. How can you expect for them to have the right to invade our country just because hey cannot get there own better. Let them stay in Haiti and suffer what they have brought upon themselves. After all they are HAITIAN not BAHAMAIAN.

  7. If Haitians flood the bahamas like how they are doing what will happen to our bahamian children and people.
    The Haitians are flooding our hospitals schools and work they work for little or nothing and causes real bahamians have a hard time to earn a living.
    They are unsantiary disgusting people. and they have babies like thats all they are here to do.
    Everyone that comes here to the bahamas should be sent back as quickly as possible no mattr the cost. Dont give them a chance to get on the streets cause you’ll never get rid of them.

  8. Ya’ll need to stop spreading BS propaganda.

    Tell dem people to fix dey country and stop having chirren in a foreign country.

    Den dey actually have to heart to set dey mout like things aint fair.

    Ungrateful people!

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