Another Bloody Murder in Elizabeth on Boxing Day morning after Junkanoo was cancelled!


Someone killed Beetle in LIZZY Boxing Day morning at a house party!

Alex Rahming aka “beetle” shot dead becomes the 124th homicide victim Boxing Day morning.

Nassau – While all over the world families should have been enjoying the festivities in peace police were recording another bloody homicide at a party in the community of Elizabeth.

Detectives we understand are still searching for the suspect[s] responsible for the murder of Alex Rahming aka “beetle” who was gunned down in cold blood Tuesday morning as he was at a house party. Look what we have come to!

According to reports, shortly before 1:00am, while BP was still feasting on the finest foods in the world, a man was attending a party at Commonwealth Boulevard, Elizabeth Estate, when he was approached by a man armed with a firearm who shot him before fleeing on foot.

Rahming was pronounced dead at the scene. No one else at the party was injured during this incident. In the end the food ‘totters’ decided to pull out their NATIONAL PAPER [FOIL] and pack as they flee the event.

We report yinner decide!