Another body has been found floating in waters at Potter’s Cay Dock….

The body of a male found floating in waters around Potter’s Cay Thursday afternoon.

NASSAU| Another drowning death has been recorded at Potter’s Cay Dock again on Thursday.

Police pulled from the surrounding waters the body of a male from waters in the area.

Potter’s Cay is known for the discovery of drowned victims many of whom were vagrants who drink themselves into the ocean.

There are stories however of violence at the dock. One time last year BP reported a woman who was beaten, stabbed and thrown to die overboard in waters near Potter’s Cay. She survived to tell her story and after BP reported the violent incident we were no longer invited in any updates with the ROYAL BAHAMAS POLICE FORCE!

Little did they know BP has deep sources (eyes and ears) everywhere inside all agencies in the country, so that didn’t matter.

The fact is someone thought they could stop the truth from being spoken.

We report yinner decide!