Another foreigner goes public in supporting the FNM on the sale of BTC

Adam Stewart - Sandals Resort

Nassau, Bahamas — Desperate people do desperate things and the echo by some to support the sale of a profitable Bahamian ASSET [BTC] to Cable and Wireless, comes once again from some strange people.

The latest JACKASS to agree with the sale is Jamaican hotelier, Adam Stewart, the man who will take over his father’s empire Sandals Resorts, which operates some 20 hotels in the region.

Stewart could be heard telling members of the press, “The hotel industry deserves the best in communication,” as he promoted C&W to purchase 51% of BTC.

Now ‘yinner’ know something gats to be wrong with this damn picture. The Jamaicans telling us we need to get rid a BTC. The British telling us they want to buy BTC. The Haitians are working their way in government to SELL BTC; one in particular, is set to collect a 3% FINDER’S FEE! And the Bahamians are just sitting quiet while Hubert Ingraham and the FNM government commits another BACKSIDE RAPE on citizens.

Bahamas Press wants the pundits, the apologists, and the experts who say they know better than the rest of us, we are not ready to give up our ‘tings’!

We want them all to answer some serious questions in the meantime: Why are they in the Bahamas and not in their own crime-riddled nation? WHY? And why get up in our bed and attempt to undress our wife right in front of our eyes? BTC belongs to the Children of the Bahamas! It belongs to the generation unborn. It is our insurance for the future! It belongs to mama, who lost all her money in CLICO; that three leg one eye DEMON FROM TRINIDAD WHO RAN OFF WITH $74 MILLION OF BAHAMIANS MONEY!

Stewart should tell the people how in Jamaica where five private telephone companies exist, LIME (C&W) is the ‘wassest’ of them all. He should tell them how LIME charges every Jamaican with a telephone in their home $0.25USD per minute to call from one home to another. He should also inform us on how having telephone in the home in Jamaica is a thing of the past in that country. He should also tell the Bahamian people how when you call from a cell phone in his native country, the rate is almost double that.

Here's the man who is selling all of the weath of the Bahamas to the foreigner - Hubert 'MUGABE' Ingraham.

Now get this, Sandals has a lovely product in the region and BP is always fascinated when we travel to its Whitehouse property in Southern Jamaica. It is nestled along the coastline of the country, which overlooks the balmy Caribbean Sea with white sandy beaches stretched for miles. The property is a place to die for, a piece of heaven on earth, and is one of Stewart’s finest.

When we were attempting to hunt down Kajani Taylor, the man who purchased two Bahamian voters cards for $1,000 from the Parliamentary Registrar’s office, we pleasured ourselves at that luxury property, so much so we forgot the mission at hand. Back then Cable and Wireless was the carrier for all Sandals Resorts in the country and we remember this trip distinctly because from the room we had to pay six [AMERICAN] dollars [$6.00 USD] for the first three minutes for a local call out of the resort. That is the rate! Now could you imagine that? Every time that pick up the telephone at Sandals it cost more than Keith’s Chicken-in-the-bag with a 20oz cold soda. Remember this now, Cable and Wireless is the carrier for all Sandals properties in Jamaica. [In Ocho Rios/Montego Bay/Negril and at Whitehouse]. We have visited them all! And if Cable and Wireless could not reduce telephone service in Jamaica how in the HELL they reduce costs here?

No matter what though, the next time we visit Jamaica we are staying at Sandals, but we just ain’t ‘ga’ make no calls. [Stewart that’s ya FREE AD].

Stewart should also tell the people of the Bahamas how back in Jamaica it is difficult for the skilled brain or for any Jamaican national for that matter to climb to the top of the ladder of the Sour LIME Corp. LIME has become a revolving door for Jamaican nationals in the executive offices and expatriates run the regional office.

He should details to the Bahamian public how much of Jamaica dollars have been repatriated back to the UK in dividends, management fees and corporate bonuses to expiate executives. And he should tell the Bahamian people whether or not he, his father or the Sandals chain has any other financial interest in LIME. MODERN DAY COLONIZATION TO SAY THE LEAST!

It is no surprise the Sandals boss has come out to support the foreign telephone company. Bahamians remember what Sandals did to pregnant women and workers at its Cable Beach property back in 2008. This same Sandals fired Bahamians like animals in the slaughterhouse and called some thieves publicly, with police never making its conclusions to the investigations public! WHAT A DAMN SHAME!

What was done at Sandals is the same thing C&W is plotting to do at BTC; FIRE BAHAMIANS! And if we as a people stand by and let this happen in our country, then we at BP might as well fold up our tent and head to Canada.

Stewart should have NOTHING TO SAY ON THIS! This is the Bahamian people’s business! Go fix Jamaica and get the hell out of our damn bedroom!


  1. Boy oh boy. For 1 minute people. Forget the sale of BTC, forget black, white, fnm, plp. Look at what is happening: This is a foreigner in OUR country, boldly proclaiming, in a very back handed way, I might add, that our historic company should be sold. My point is what kind of Mickey mouse, scared, timid, slack country are we living in?! We let every non – Bahamian talk the most $h*t about us to our face! In other countries there’d be a riots!!! Everyone keeps coming here, getting loans easily, making businesses, becoming filthy rich, then got the nerve to say such a backhanded answer!! His daddy was the one who said couple months ago, something about we should be grateful and make the most noise or something. I mean I feel like I’m in the effing Twilight zone dealing with my own country!

    • Can we create a website to show how the FNM has systematically destroyed Bahamianization? I am an independent. I don’t drink no political party koolaid

  2. First, the Bahmar Chinese deal, then the BTC sale to B & W. My money is on:
    1. FNM will legalize the numbers racket if they are reelected.
    2. PM Ingraham, and former PM Christie, will not head their respective parties into the upcoming General Elections.
    3. Complete the sale of the Grand Bahama Port Authority to Arab owners.
    Both Ingraham and Christie have worked their political pins to give the impression that they can’t stand each other? Wrong. They will remain buddies long after they leave politics.

  3. First, the Bahmar Chinese deal, then the BTC sale to B & W. My money is on:
    1. FNM will legalize the numbers racket if they are reelected.
    2. PM Ingraham, and former PM Christie, will not head their respective parties into the upcoming General Elections.
    Both Ingraham and Christie have worked their political pins to give the impression that they can’t stand each other? Wrong. They will remain buddies long after they leave politics.

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    • @Gerald Taylor. We was all complaining about the high cost of receiving US calls on our cellphones, so BTC reversed this about 6 months ago. Now, the calling party in the US or other country pays more to terminate the calls here. Which way you want it? I for one hated getting charged 30 cents per minute for calls received from my family in Atlanta. Now we just use Skype and talk for free.

  5. Guy Fawkes this is whjat you said” I can tell you guys\girls are PLP, and whether you like it or not,”.You are insinuating that only the PLP is opposing the sale of BTC but you better read and listen to the talk shows and read letters in the newspapers as BAHAMIANS irrespective of their political views do not support venture.And yes flee like the coward you are as you just hate to know that you are being challenged you little spoiled brat.Control your house and leave this forum as you are too contradictory.I cant stand cowards as they are weakilings who know the truth but only recognise it for their convenience(borrowed quote that has been paraphased).

  6. Guy Fawkes by insinuation you are suggesting that6 anyone w I can tell you guys\girls are PLP, and whether you like it or not, I am not supporting ho stands up against the sale of BTC,”

  7. This will be my final post on this issue as i can see intelligence is wasted on the lazy minded. I never indicated that foreign is better or that Bahamians can not run BTC (you can check any of my earlier postings and they speak for themselves). However, Bahamians have proven that as long as BTC stays in governmental hands it will not reach its full potential. Secondly, I did not say anyone who supports Bahamianization was PLP. I said, I do not support the PLP in their efforts to distort and misguide the public in the name of Bahamianization. Lastly, can anyone who suports the unions, the PLP or in Bahamianization tell me, how the sale of BTC to Bahamians will benefit the country. I far as I can see a Bahamian running BTC will still need to make some of the same decisions as a foreigner.

    • @GUy Fawkes, you are definitely an idiot to the first power, as to think that you are more intelligent than anyone else, or your opinion matters more than anyone else’s, and yes you have shown over and over that you think foreign is better, you have not a negative word for thin inept government, who are the decision makers of the time, but hit out at the PLP, who is the opposition, I criticized Perry a few post ago, I hold no brief for him, unlike you who’s head is up HAI’s rectum, lastly, no one ever said that if Bahamians took over the company privately, there would have to be changes, we want to make a profit like everyone else does, but at least it would be ours, good day sir/ma’am.

  8. Of course Bahamians can run BTC just fine without government manipulation. We can’t get our operating costs down without merging into a bigger telecom company and that is the only real issue here. Try as we might, with fiber installations and VOIP connectivity, we simply do not have the buying power to get the wholesale inter-connection and handset prices down without more volume. Our little BTC is not LIME, or Digicel or AT&T and we will grow into a company as big as these. Most of the major mergers have already taken place and we are in no position to buy anyone else out. This is just the way it is.

  9. Guy Fawkes you insult the intelligence of all Bahamians by asserting that since others are for Bahamianisation they must be PLP.Am sure the heirarchy of the PLP love this as it supports their message of being for the small man.Whether you like it or not BTC will not be sold to outside interests unless a component of Bahamians make up the management of any new entity at BTC.The last guy fawkes is just like you, conniving.You are pissing me off since I now realise exactly who you are,”someone who takes all Bahamians for fools”.

  10. @Independent Voter,
    Seems you are not as independent as you claim. For starters, I never said wether i support the sale of BTC to C&W or not, I was merely trying to raise the level of discussion beyond mere political triviality. However, let us look beyond the vail and get to the meat of the matter.
    1. BTC is overstaffed, the town hall meetings held by Mr. Leon Williams has proven this. The long table of support staff behind him at each meeting were all VPs of BTC. BTC has at the very least 40 VP, each making an average of $80K.
    2. Anyone who truly belives that the only reason for the sale of BTC to C&W was to reduce dropped calls or to due to purchasing power is out of their minds. These reasons are not only illogical, but defy all human reasoning that can compel the average man to join the government’s cause.
    3. The unions are motived to stop this sale, not to protect workers as they were involved in the privization process from the beginning. Even their claims that they knew nothing of C&W is laughable.
    4. The worst group advocating the disadvantages of C&W is the PLP. Brave Davis acting as both the lawyer for Bluewater and Deputy Leader of the PLP is beyong belief. The PLP is claiming a conflict of interest within the FNM, but seem to forget this fact. Mr. Davis has only recently indicated that he was the lawyer for Bluewater and still will not indicate who the principle persons to this venture were.
    5. C&W has admitted their shortcomings as a company and has since had an implecable record for customer service in the Caribbean. From actually taking to some of their clients in the Caribbean, the only real truth to the propaganda being spread is that you may have to direct someone not living in the Bahamas to your house for servicing and paying for over-ages when you talking to much on the phone (even then you are allowed 2500 minutes a month for all caribbean calls within their network).
    Independent voter, you may want to be really independent, but get real with yourself and we can continue our discussion.

    • Tell me this whose fault is it that BTC is top heavy with a ridiculous VP staff load as many other government operations are, ISN’T THE FAULT OF THE GOVERNMENT, pass & present??? WHY DOES A FOREIGNER HAVE TO OWN BTC FOR THIS TO BE SOLVED??? Please explain this to dumb me. Further more most of the people who are ignorant of the sale details always state approval because they feel that things will be cheaper. NEVERTHELESS, regardless if the unions knew or not, IS IRRELEVANT, THE FACT IS,THAT I DID NOT KNOW AND I/WE SHOULD HAVE.So the government trying to throw blame elsewhere, I dont care,nor do I care about the underhanded deal that the former government participated either. ALL I KNOW IS THAT I AM ONE BAHAMIAN WHO DOES NOT SUPPORT THE SALE, BECAUSE I SEE NOTHING DOCUMENTED OR PROVEN THAT SHOW FOREIGNERS CAN DO ANYTHING BETTER THAN WE CAN.BUT EVEN MORE I AM TIRED OF FEELING LIKE THE TRAIN WHO HAS TO ALWAYS SAY “YES I CAN, YES I CAN” I would really like to say,”YES I DID, YES I DID” in my own country, because the government I selected made it possible.
      Moreover Guy Fawkes, you do not need to initiate conversation, there is lots of comments being made and these people are making their positions quite CLEAR. I am tired of people like you trying to muddy the water to the REAL ISSUES.So poof be gone!!

      • @Independent voter, my boy you dropped it heavy, awesome words, I cannot stand these Uncle Tom Bahamians like Guy Fawkes who like the PM have no faith in their own people, anyone can see that Guy Fawkes is a political hack for the FNM party, stop putting party before your country dude, Bahamas first, this is where you live, I believe our people can purchase BTC, make the necessary changes to BTC, and further make it a success.

        • BTC can function with a Bahamian management team, but will never be great or become competitive without being privatized. As for Bahamian ownership, I would rather a foreigner than to simply sell BTC to Bahamians without a plan to improve the company. Neither of you to can give one real reason a Bahamian is better than a foreigner, all you want to do is to incite the masses to action without thinking of the consequences. Bahamians have been running BTC for years with ever bringing the company to world standard, what is going to change if these same Bahamians are allowed to run BTC now. While I do wish BTC was owned by Bahamians, I do not support the right of the rich few to influence me to their side. I can tell you guys\girls are PLP, and whether you like it or not, I am not supporting the PLP in their Bahamainization cause without addressing the improvement of BTC.

          • @GUY FAWKES,where is your proof that a Bahamian cannot run it, stop playing political games and making broad statements, where is the proof that the foreigners can run it better, many on this site have showed you that phone companies around the world have had there share of problems, but you are quick to blame your own, no faith in your own, I would rather a Bahamian to run it in the ground than a foreigner come here and rake up all the profits, have a monopoly, and give us garbage, no GF, I am not a PLP, but I am against this government the way they are administrating this nations business on almost every level, I critize all governments for doing junk unlike you my good man/woman?, this has to be the worst administration ever, and yes BTC is ours, you have your opinion like everyone else, let’s hope your “HATE THEY OWN KIND/FOREIGN IS BETTER PARTY”, change their postion, for their own good.

  11. Wow. My fellow Bahamians, before you continue to post all of these colourful comments about the sale of BTC, think about the following questions:
    1. When was the last date that BTC had its profit sharing meeting and invited you? People are claiming that keeping BTC in the government’s control (not Bahamian hands, as most people don’t get a damn from BTC for free) is benefitting you and me, but I have never gotten a cheque because I own it from BTC or the government.
    2. Do you consider yourself a racist, bigot, hate monger or prejudice? If not, then stop allowing these type people to act as if they are speaking on your behalf. Tourism is our life blood and accounts for roughly 70% of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product), so are you really saying that foreigners are welcome to visit but they should not buy anything here. Well then, we can just fire every maid in Lyford Cay, Old Fort Bay & throughout the Bahamas that is working for some rich foreigner, or those people working for Atlantis (the second largest private employer in the Bahamas, single only to the government).
    3. Are you really more willing to work for a Bahamian over a foreigner? At least with the foreigner we can make noise and embarrass them into listening to us. One of the oldest problems we have in the Bahamas is that no one in authority is usually willing to take on Bahamians that have done us wrong. I am still waiting to see what will happen to those individuals that have sold property in the Nassau Village area, that the Courts have ruled on numerous occasions in owned by Arawak Homes.

    There are people actively trying to convince you and I that this sale is bad for the country and that Bahamians should be given an opportunity to own a slice of the pie. While I may agree with them that Bahamians should have some ownership rights, they are not presenting us with a reasonable alternative to the C&W deal.

    • Guy Fawkes you should definitely be burned at the stake again. Please list the reasons why YOU feel that C&W or any other foreign entity can do for us that we WILL NOT be able to do for ourselves.
      1. If you believe in the notion of less drop calls and cheaper rates, THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN REFUTED,DID YOU NOT HEAR THAT THE PM CAN DO THIS WITH ONE PHONE CALL. Did you know that even AT&T battles with drop call??? MMM.
      But on the other hand if you believe that we should sell our fiberoptic cables that we paid 90m for, and sell all the land the BTC owns worth billions as well as other services offered worth millions for a mere 2cents, then by all means do so. But let it also be known my learnt friend that C&W cannot provide excellent service or cheaper rates, please review their records for the rest of caribbean islands like Barbados and Trinadad. Please do your research. And if you dont want what our bothers and sisters have toiled to build I DO!!!

        • You know the sad thing is that we as Bahamians have been soo conditioned that when the foreigner comes, he will make everything 100% better, nice and shiny, and all our problems will go away. Well I am here to tell our PM and his arrogant self righteous son that we are sick and tired, and we no longer want them to fish for us WE WANT TO CATCH THE FISH OURSELVES DAMN IT!!! I am all for a new party, a new coolition.
          On another note, please, please Min Maynard focus on youth and culture, two important things that needs fixing FOR BAHAMIANS. Rather than being the PR for cable and wireless. STAY OFF THE RADIO, YOU ARE SOO ANNOYING AND OFFENSIVE TO THE SENSIBLE!!!


  12. Maybe if more Bahamians would speak up like an Adam Stewart, whether for, or against, the sale of BTC to C&W, then the PM and his government would be getting a much clearer picture. I don’t care if you’re an FNM, or PLP, the way BTC has being operating is not good enough for most of us. The honest truth is both Prime Ministers Ingraham and Christie have looked for buyers rather than reinvesting in BTC, making the fault not entirely the employees. Something this FNM government is using as the excuse for a rush sale to C&W., with proof of the rush in the reporting that the C&W buying BTC has only been around for mere months. It should have taken them about that amount of time just to get an appointment to see the Minister responsible for BTC, much less negotiate and sign a major deal with the PM?

  13. @Conchman, Thank you for enlightening the public on the whole fiber optic system. I heard about it, but wondered why no one brought it to the public. This fiber optic system, was set to link The Bahamas, to the united states, giving our Bahamian telephone company access to dealing with the US – better rates, etc. My goodness, if this isn’t an example of brains and success, I don’t what is. Money was being invested and about to be made by our Bahamian telephone company. Please, continue to spread the truth. We have some of the finest workers in the world. I believe in my Bahamian people. Let’s start holding folks accountable!

  14. It amazes me that someone like Adam Stewart would talk about selling a national asset of a company like BTC so callously. He will one day inherit his father’s company and his children will hopefully one day inherit his legacy and so on for generations of the ‘STEWARTS’ will be prosperous. So what is wrong with a Bahamian people wanting to own a piece of a ‘rich’ pie so future generations of Bahamian children will benefit. The arguments about ‘drop calls’ and ‘poor service’ are not unique to BTC!! Have you ever lived in the U.S.? ‘AT & T’ and ‘Verion’ have the same problems! The issue of technology is also mute because BTC spent millions of dollars under the leadership of Mr. Leon Williams to put in a fiber optic system!! The problem is the politicians don’t allow the board to make the decisions to utilize the network to its full capacity! Wake up, Bahamians! Yes we can run our own ‘telephone’ company!! Better yet we must develop our people to achieve greater heights. It can not be okay for ‘Baha Mar’ to come into our country with no ‘hotel’ experience get a loan from our banks and then the Chinese govt then ‘hire’ the expertise in the hotel industry and Bahamians can not do the same!! We can and must be given the same opportunities as our foreign counterparts! If that is the case we might as well not be an independent nation and allow a foreign country and or government to control our nations affairs!


  15. @brit4011. And why are you here? You are here because you believe that you can “win” here because you cannot “win” in the UK. Oh perhaps I am wrong, and you prefer to make a contribution here, rather than in your own country. As to us being “small minded and racist”, only whites (and Ingraham) try to convince black Bahamians that racism has died out. Racism is alive and well! Man try go back home and lecture your own people. We will manage without you somehow.

  16. It’s OK to be against this sale of BTC to C&W, but for anyone to try and claim that it is somehow a throwback to colonial days, or it’s racist, is not going to fly with most Bahamians. I may not agree with this sale, but I feel comfortable that the PM does not have a racist, or crooked, bone in him. My opposition is simply because I, along with many others, just have this feeling that the government has not put all the cards of this deal to Bahamians. I do fault the PM for not calling Town Hall meetings to present the deal to citizens, to ensure the voice of Bahamians are heard and respected, and for the PM to find it necessary to rehash the old deal of the PLP selling BTC. Either his government’s deal is good for the Bahamas, or it’s not. Has nothing to do with what the PLP may have done while in office.

    • @Grouper Mouth Wisdom, to answer you, the answer to both of your post are, that the PM does not have a racist bone in his body, he has an inferiority complex, he believes that foreign is better in every case, and that is no joke, and the second answer to your question is that this deal is beyond the PM’s reach, some entities that have bought the PM’s control before the elections, are now being paid back, this is no boogeyman thing, this is paying back the supporters, what you owe them, remember when the King that lives over PI got angry when Christie when he didn’t get what was promised to him, that’s the game, MANY VOTE, A FEW GET THE BENEFiTS, and I’m talking about a very few, less than 1% owned all the wealth in this country, and they didn’t get it by hard work, need I say more, and I don’t wanna tell BRIT4011 about his MAR’!, but watch what you say about my people dude, no one spoke ill of your countrymen, STOP DAT!, we don’t like the deal, this is our land, you worry about Britain and your Royal family, we’ll deal with our idiotic dictator.

  17. Lest we forget, the Jamaican ownership in the hotel industry commenced when the FNM sold the Ambassador Beach Hotel and its lovely beach for $17,000. per room! The Balmoral Beach was next on the giveaway list so, theres a pattern established for the FNM giving away Bahamian Government assets. No wonder all who benefitted support another giveaway.I have learned from experience that whenever foreigners and their tame blacks say something is good for the Bahamas, to check it out thoroughly.

    • And while Bahamians lost their jobs at Sandals, that JACKASS we put in charge is up and down flying Butch Stweart plane.


  18. These racists Britts are still in disbelief that they gave up these rich land and colonies. Now out of pure greed they are trying to economically recolonize these islands by tiefing BTC. Afterall they have already taken back the TCI. We never needed them and sure do not need them now.

  19. Awakened if what you’re saying is correct the truth you need to fist find answers to is, “Why is it the FNM government has refused to reinvested in improving the services from BTC? This truth that I speak of has been admitted to by the PM, and his minister.

  20. Most of our banks,Insurance companies credit card companies have been outsourced to other countries in the Caribbean and now BTC gone bcos nincompoops are saying that Bhamians just dont cut the mustard.Due to political intefrence we as apeople find ourselves marginalised.We the people say no to this sale and let us get any needed expertise to assist us in helping BTC to get better.A prophet is not respected in his own country.

  21. Hardly any companies are owned by their home countries anymore. Whether we like it or not, the world has become a global market and the sooner we learn to deal with it and embrace foreign investment (like every other country in the world) the better.

    • Fidel Castro is a real leader GOD gave us the land to survive off and we did survive living of the land we got shit wanting too much we act as if we will live forever or when we die take all our belongings to hell with us

  22. Damn those foreigners. Send them all home and let Bahamians run the Bahamas. At least we’d all have jobs for three weeks, tops, I guess.

  23. WOW This is the most bias and totally ignorant crap I have read since…..well since your last press (propaganda) release. Know what your talking about and stop putting fuel on ignorant fire!
    1) As a GLOBAL market, you have to do business with other countries. In the same light you making references to Sandals in the Bahamas – the same company that has employed Bahamians at one of the worlds best resorts, during a depressed global economy.
    2) All hotels charge high phone rates for local calls..ALL!!!
    3) For our children, thats another problem, complacency with mediocrity- BTC has some of the worse service, the technology is 10 to 15 years behind the rest of the Caribbean. Get your facts straight.

    • Here we go again, don’t know how to stay out of the Bahamians DAMN Business! WHAT A DISGRACE!


  24. Bahamians need to get over their egos – all this guy is saying is that he’d done business with them before and was probably asked by C&W to do it anyway. If Bahamian spent as much time working as they did with their small-minded and racist bitching about big, bad nasty foreigners, people would be falling over themselves to invest in the country.

    • Brit4011, you should note C&W purchase of BTC is NOT, I SAID NOT an investment at all, it is BACKSIDE RAPE OF THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE by its government. How would you take it if a Bahamian was to assume ownership of one of your successful companies. As conservative as the UK is there will be terror in the streets.


      • Media – I totally appreciate your point – we face exactly the same challenges in the UK, half our “institution” companies are owned by foreign companies and there was an uproar when Cadbury’s chocolate was sold to Hershey’s. British jobs were safeguarded but my point is this: The world has changed forever in the last two years and it won’t change back. Sadly we have to change our ideals and accept the world is getting smaller and smaller. Bahamas and the UK are in the same boat – we can’t survive without foreign money.

        • Well its hasn’t change in CHINA. Who in the world you think could buy the Chinese telephone company? Or compete with it for that matter?


    • So why do you want to invest here?Woodes Rodgers I thought had driven out all PIRATES.Stewarts investment is welcome but dont blame Bahamians for standing up for their rights when they smell a ratty deal.We have gotten rid of the British racist national anthem from 1973 but unfortunately we now have an inferior grouping running our Govt who just dont represent the majority of our views.They might be stupid but we are not and we say that this deal is just a promise similar to the one our fore fathers got when they were released from slavery.Am still waiting on the horse and promised money.

    • Hubert Ingraham is NOT RUNNING! BP told yinner that since last year! Watch it. “My actions speak louder than my words,” [Hubert Ingraham].


  25. Jamaican hotelier, Adam Stewart should have every right as a major investor in the Bahamas to voice his support. or disapproval, over the pending sale of BTC. While I certainly would not invite Mr. Steward to comment on a political matter, but he and his resort are dependent on BTC functioning better than its poor performance record.

    • @Grouper Mouth Wisdom, I agree, he has a right to say whatever he wants to on this matter, but are you saying C&W/LIME are a great company and has no problems?, get ya head right!, every company has it’s share of problems, drop calls, system failures, including AT&T, VERIZON, QWEST and many more, so why do we get down on our own, BTC can grow, learn and get better, I see BTC as having more success, than failures, Kevin McKenzie was correct, the Stewart’s are biased on this matter, and who cares what he thinks.


  27. The Prime Minister must also be reminded of his promise to SETTLE with the policy holders of CLICO if by the end of DECEMBER,2010 THE SITUATION WITH THEIR FUNDS REMAIN UNRESOLVED.So please some one give the Prime Minister a DESK/WALL CALENDAR.

    • Kevin, Bahamians don’t listen. We advise you and others to search our archives and examine what we said about CLICO and why Bahamians who had invested in the business should pack up that portfolio and that investment to the loss section of their annual balance sheet. The money is gone for ever and it ain’t coming back. And this is not the first time this has happened in the Bahamas!


  28. LIME{C&W}is the EXCLUSIVE TELECOMS provider for SANDALS(OWNED BY THE STEWART’S FAMILY)in the Caribbean.The Stewart’s family receives BENEFITS FROM THIS ARRANGEMENT therefore this is an extremely BIAS statement.Bahamians must be aware that any time after 16.02.2011 or the day after LIME(C&W) becomes the owner of BTC we will start paying for LOCAL CALLS!!!

    • And the home phone Kevin as we know it will be no more as it is today in Jamaica. That sounds like going forward. Well I don’t know about yall, but the day that is SOLD, every account I have with BTC will close also. The home phone ga close, the cellular phones will be thrown in the harbour and Internet here I come.


  29. The Bahamas has a leader who has empowered foreigners over Bahamians. Could you imagine a Bahamian investor putting his mouth in Jamaican affairs? Child please!! Presumptuous acts like this are unacceptable. The Foreign National Movement is so tone deaf, they believe that trotting out Butch’s son could move us? Either we are stupid, or the FNM is stupid. Lord what we would not give for a Sir Cecil or a Sir Lynden. This self named mongrel has no pride in himself or his people!!

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