Archdeacon I Ranfurly Brown is set to be removed as Rector of St. Agnes Parish!


Decision could force a rift among Priest!

Archdeacon I Ranfurly Brown suspended as Rector of St. Agnes is set to be removed as Rector of St. Agnes.

Nassau, Bahamas — Major shakeups are set to begin once again in the Anglican Communion as His Grace Rt. Rev’d Laish Zane Boyd is set to grab his mighty crozier and exercise his power delivered by the people at St. Agnes Anglican Church.

Bishop Boyd is set to remove Archdeacon I. Ranfurly Brown from the historic cathedral in Grant Town and shuffle around his priests and his Cabinet of core priestly advisors.

We have been informed, according to sources deep in Addington House, the Bishop is set to remove Brown as Rector of St. Agnes and reassign him with responsibilities as Archdeacon for the Northern Bahamas.

Brown more than a month ago was suspended by the Bishop after failing to present himself with respect following a bus up meeting of the Vestry of St. Agnes. Brown – some tell us – was behaving just like the students at St. Johns.

The Rector of St. Agnes defied an order by the Prince of the Church and walked out of a meeting with The Bishop, the Chancellor and the Vestry at St. Agnes all present.

Archdeacon Brown, who made a clear decision to remove vestry member, Henry Dean, from the parish board is not complying with a ruling of the Bishop to have Dean reinstated.

Bishop of Anglican Church Rt. Rev'd Lish Boyd.

Dean these days could be heard boasting how he run ‘tings’ at St. Agnes and has been a member for many years. Some believe Dean will have his way, but the plans could cause further serious concerns among priests in the Diocese.

Some tell us a group of clerics are in support with Brown and if all hell broke loose some could resign – WHAT IN THE HELL IS DIS?!

Bahamas Press is calling on all Anglicans who know the virtues of prayer to pray for the Bishop. Pray for Brown and if you have any virtue left pray for Dean and crew at St. Agnes – We gat a feeling this will not go down well for as the Word Says: Judgment will begin in the House of God in the last days!

We report yinner decide!