PLP Arnold Forbes Delivers Mount Moriah a Big Christmas Treat

Arnold Forbes delivers a Carnival-family atmosphere at the Stapledon Park on Saturday where hundreds of residents joined in. PLP Deputy Leader Philip Brave and Chairman Bradley Roberts joined in the big carnival-like atmosphere.

Arnold Forbes pulled out the stops as he made sure hundreds of residents in the Mount Moriah Constituency have a Merry Christmas. Hundreds of hotdogs, hamburgers, gifts and toys were given away. Stapledon Park went from a Christmas Party to a Mass Grand Fair and Carnival. The food was endless and so was the lines....

Nassau, Bahamas — Mount Moriah’s Stapledon Park came alive Saturday as PLP area candidate, Arnold Forbes, hosted a Christmas Treat from residents over the weekend.

Hundreds poured onto the grounds from surrounding communities and descended on McKinney Ave. for the holiday event.

PLP Deputy Leader, Philip Brave Davis, and Chairman, Bradley Roberts, also joined the huge event where gifts, food, music and entertainment by marching bands all filled the grounds.

Davis and Forbes also made presentation on behalf of the Party to civic groups as they shared the spirit of gift-giving to the children.

While Arnold Forbes had a 40-man setup team, Tommy Turnquest, who also held a small Christmas event on his headquarters car port, had only one assistant seen here early Saturday morning lifting barricades for his small Christmas event. Tommy Turnquest is in trouble.


  1. Boy great photo angles. Where’s the wide frame for the “many” people. Seeing a Minister setting up speaks volume in that he is not to big and mighty to do his own constituency office work!

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