Austrian Man Killed in Shark Attack Sunday



A great white shark approach this kayaker.

Nassau, The Bahamas – A 49-year-old Austrian man has been killed in a shark attack while diving off of the Bahamas.

Markus Groh, 49, who was on a trip organized by Scuba Adventures, which specializes in close encounters with sharks, was bitten Sunday. He was flown by U.S. Coast Guard helicopter to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Dive magazine reported a shark bit Groh in the leg during a dive in which a crate of dead fish was placed on the reef to attract sharks. But local authorities say they are still investigating and trying to determine what type of shark bit the man.

The tour was run by The Shearwater. Owner Jim Abernethy told DIVE Magazine yesterday he was shocked by the death, which he described as a `terrible accident.`


  1. That picture is a whole different story. that shark follows that man because he saved the shark. the shark is a friendley female and he cut her out of a net.

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