Baha Mar now agrees with the appointment of a Provisional Liquidator after trying to have the petition dismissed!


Da man who caused Obie Wilchcombe to say the Cabinet don’t know what it is doing with Baha Mar now agrees with the Liquidator!

Sarkis Izmirlian - DA GYPSY/ JUNGALISS IN SUIT - goes into hiding!!
Sarkis Izmirlian – DA GYPSY/ JUNGALISS IN SUIT – goes into hiding!!

September 4, 2015—Baha Mar today stated:

“The ruling by The Supreme Court of The Bahamas–appointing a provisional liquidator with limited authority and scheduling the winding up petition two months from now– provides Baha Mar with further time to move forward with its efforts to resolve issues so that it can complete construction properly and open successfully as soon as possible.

“Today has been an important day for Baha Mar—one that gives us further confidence that we will succeed in our efforts. We are pleased that, in making its ruling, The Bahamian Supreme Court has made it quite clear that the present intention is to not have Baha Mar liquidated or its management replaced. In fact, the judge specifically wants to make sure that Baha Mar’s assets are preserved—which is a priority we all share.

Minister of Tourism Obie  Wilchcombe set to be chased out of constiutuency.
Obie Wilchcombe threw all his Cabinet colleagues UNDER DA BUS for SARKIS!

“We are confident that Baha Mar will succeed and that the provisional liquidator will not only confirm that Baha Mar is not wasting assets but, that Baha Mar has designed the most expeditious path to move forward with the completion of the project, as Baha Mar has contended all along.

“With the distraction of this proceeding behind it, Baha Mar and it counterparties can focus on the tasks at hand, free form the uncertainty that the petition had caused.

“Baha Mar is 97% complete. The Chapter 11 process is underway. Baha Mar has developed a plan of reorganization under the Chapter 11 process. This plan is now before the U.S. Court. The plan is the best alternative. It is designed to enable Baha Mar to have a sound financial structure and to put Baha Mar in a position from which it can move forward to be completed properly and open. The plan effectively addresses Baha Mar’s creditor obligations, including paying in full all valid claims of Bahamian creditors and the Government of The Bahamas.

“We expect the provisional liquidator to work alongside us for the best interests of Baha Mar and The Bahamas”.


Bribes cannnn done!