Bahamas Passport Official Caught Accepting Bribes


Nassau, Bahamas – A passport official bribes applicants at the office. BP can now report an official in the Passport Office was caught live on audio bribing a resident who only wanted her passport to go on vacation.

The audio is being played on the New Nation on Gems 105.9FM [Lincoln Bain Show].

In July the Passport Office was robbed of $7,500 and the vehicle stolen. Sources believe the incident was an inside job.

Bahamas Passport Worker Accepts Bribe from C. Allen Johnson on Vimeo.


  1. My understanding is the fact that a sign on the door at the Passport office dissuades the offering or acceptance of money.The civil servant is out of order and should be placed b4 the Courts to show that corruption will not be tolerated.The charge of accepting a bribe($40) has been made out and the other charge should read soliciting a bribe($100) is also irrefutable.The Prevention of Bribery Act is clart on matters like this.

  2. Now we can see why all the illegals in the country can produce a passport, as if they are Bahamians. We need to stop selling our contry out. The same thing happens in immigration, police etc. Everything you can purchase in this country.

  3. Bahamians soooo stupid and crooked. If this woman had any sense she would know that these officers can’t even pull any strings anymore. In fact, tryin to get your passport through the back door will actually take longer than the proper chanels. The employee should be sent home, but this woman should be charged with bribery of a civil servant.

    • @Truthhurts, you have got to be one of the most stupid beings on this planet, you didn’t listen to that telephone conversation did you?, he ask her for monies, she didn’t tell him to take her money, even in this situation, you want to protect the wrong doer, the onus is on him as the civil servant, he should know better and lose his job, geez!!!!!.

      • @awakened. “ya ma soooo STUPID- she had you- sissy”. The Woman paid the money right? She knew it was wrong. I didn’t condone what he did. I placed responsibility on both parties, where it should go. Bahamians too Da** slack. I’ll say it again. Both need to be penalized.

        • I won’t go down that road of name calling with you today, Mr. ED, but from what I heard from the recording he came to her and solicited her, her passport was overdue and he still wanted the money, she went to Lincoln Bain, and gave him the recording, Lincoln called his name on the air, so I don’t see where she was wrong, but you see her at fault, you see what you want dude, and you are extremely clueless, you need to grow up and face the truth, I know it hurts!!!!.

  4. Is there a way you guys can expose this person please expose him this is sick lock him up I’m of Government workers being paid twice to do their job if they want get tip go into the hotel industry

  5. If here claims are true that public servant needs to be removed along with all others that are doing this. The lady that this was done to is also at fault she should have told him no, so now she is short $40 and that gentleman may loose his job.

  6. TIP,TIP,TIP EVERYBODY WANT TIP. UNLESS YOU WORKING AT A RESTAURANT, nobody should have a hand out begging and asking for tip(s). Doing good deeds is rewarding in itself. Being a bahamian and living in the united states, I do a good deed everyday for my customers and only their smiles is rewarding. That’s the Bahamian way I was taught by my parents and grandparents. Doing good deeds freely means going the distance above and beyond what a customers should expect. If a customers feels the need to reward you, take what they give you, but never ask for anything. I feel as if the government should increase everybody hourly by one dollar.

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