Bahamas Press has been banned off facebook following what we describe as our report of the truth against Fred Smith yesterday…


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ASSAULT CHARGE BROUGHT BY IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT The Department of Immigration wishes to inform the public that Dahene Nonord, a nineteen year old female, was charged today before Magistrate Samuel McKinney in Magistrate's Court #1 with assaulting an immigration officer and obstruction of justice. She pleaded not guilty and was granted $2500 bail with one surety. The case was adjourned to 2nd February 2015. Unlike as reported by Smith - THIS IS NOT A PASSPORT, but an immigration issued Identity Card!
Fred Smith and his client Dahene Nonord who assaulted an immigration officer. Ms Nonord was released on bail.

Nassau, Bahamas – Yesterday, we posted this photo proving that Smith, who had not paid attention to details for his client circulated a photograph showing a young woman holding what appeared at the time to be a Bahamian passport.

Upon closer inspection we uncovered that the document presented was not a passport but an identity card, and confirmed that the holder was a Haitian National and not a Bahamian.

What actually occurred was that while the woman had no documentation on her person, she was taken into detention. While doing so, she assaulted the Immigration Officer exercising authority. Fred Smith is the young woman’s legal representative and the matter is now before the courts. She is on bail

For this reason; proving that Smith’s – who is a QC – presentation was fraudulent and crafted to deceive the general public. One of his Coalition supporters flagged the post forcing Facebook to impose a 7-day ban on Bahamas Press’ social media page Alexander James.

But we are not moved as some 650,000 plus global readers read our page weekly at Our work shall continue, unhindered and uninterrupted…

We report yinner decide!

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